10 September, 2010

She is the woman Also Known as Hope

In another life, her name was Hope

She is the passion of the piano and the simplicity of a woodwind in a movement of nature's "inspiration" symphony

She is shades of green - the spark of fire in emerald, the tranquility and mystery of forest, the playfulness of sea foam, and the depths of Jade.

She has walked the paths of the Romans, her voice joining with the echoes captured in marble and stone

She is the daughter of Bastet, nurturing, creating, loving, and pregnant with inspiration and imagination; She shares her life with Artemis and nature aplenty

She looks fear and challenge straight on, and smiles... a hint of a sparkle playing in the depth of brown eyes

She has flown amidst the stars, gathered around the Seanchai, been enchanted by the Cliffs of Moher, And has forged her own path finding treasures along the way

Her steps have echoed through time, clicked in the White House, padded through the Pentagon, whispered down forest paths softened with pine needles and leaves, crunched the crystals of snow, tickled the desert sands, and danced along the waters edge flirting with the waves.

She is the sensual side of the unexpected and the playful side of consistent; The woman who treasures you, supports, you, and finds the kid inside ready to laugh and play

She is friend, lover, companion, partner, confidante, mother; She is the devil’s advocate, the pragmatist, the believer in dreams, the risk taker, and the safe harbor; the haven in which one is home and accepted and loved regardless

She is the summer’s juiciest peach and Thailand’s hottest chili

She understands the power of words; as sword, as salve, as banter, as inspiration, as seduction

The natural and the unspoken, she appreciates silence – the whisper of the wind through the leaves, and the soft timber of the falling rain

She sees with heart and soul over eyes and embraces with body and mind

Words flowing from page to page, she is a mystery who is a work in progress, the chapters yet to be written

The world is her classroom; its people her teacher; and she lives to learn what is offered

She is curves and waves and the elegance of line and form

She is the woman once known as Hope

This was a delightful challenge – and a kind of birthday present to myself as I can write about many things easily, but writing or talking about myself in this way is a stretch – one I embraced. Thank you to Lori for inspiring this post with her Woman with the Panther Tatoo post– and Thank you to Lori and Sara for their input


Lori said...

Hi TE!
You KNOW I love this, love it, love it.
Congrats to you for embracing your life and sharing it with us. I love the title -- it gave me goosebumps.

A big huge, woot, and hug for this, M. I think you are a remarkable woman and you have inspired me on many occasions. Also, while I love all of this and refuse to say any line is a favorite, I think this resonated with me most, "She understands the power of words; as sword, as salve, as banter, as inspiration, as seduction..."

Beautiful, M, beautiful!

Sara said...

TE -- EXCELLENT. I am proud of you. Do you feel taller? Perhaps your arms reach out a bit further? Stretching yourself is a way to reach out and claim your passions.

This is a beautiful birthday present for yourself. It's also something others might want to take on as a challenge of their own.

Well done, TE

p.s. The post is showing up twice in my viewer. This could be a glitch on my part, but I would let you know.

Lance said...

Lovely, lovely words....

...and words that you are so worth.

On your birthday...and always...remember always how truly amazing you are...

Meredith said...

Happy belated birthday! What a beautiful gift to give to yourself: the courage to use your talent with words and strengthen it through practice and persistence. Loved this piece. :)

Mark said...

Love this!! Outstanding!

Patty - Why Not Start Now? said...

Wow! You just swept me along with your writing about the soulful woman you are. Beautiful. And a very, very happy birthday to you!

Sara said...

I was just looking at your reading list. I loved Sliver of Truth and there's another one with the same character. Enjoy the read...it WILL keep you the edge of your seat:~)

Belinda said...

TE, I LOVE this! I can't believe I'm getting to it so late (and where have I been that I did not hear about this challenge?).

Absolutely beautiful writing. Each line sparkles with depth, dimension and unmistakable brilliance.

My apologies for missing your birthday. Hope it was as beautiful as this piece!

The Exception said...

All - Thank you. It was a wonderful challenge for me and something about which I am quite thrilled. I feel more "me" for writing it, if that makes sense.
And my birthday was delightful. Thank you!!

Tess The Bold Life said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful blogger.

Jay Schryer said...

This was awesome! I loved it. Pure poetry, beautiful imagery. You rock, TE!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. as Lori said recently - you started this creative content spurt - I love the imagery you've given us here .. we do want to be absorbed into our passion, become a part of the whole .. wonderful piece of writing .. just lovely & a belated happy birthday, or an early one for 2011!

Cheers Hilary

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