08 August, 2007

Rushing Toward the Simple Life

It is so hot, I am hallucinating.

Seriously, I can see waves of heat wafting up from the pavement, rolling off the cars, and shimmering in the well saturated air.

Why is it that, when it is hot, the abundance of cars and pavement seem to make it feel that much hotter?

Or it is perhaps that I am more irritable and less tolerant with people and their idea that they are the only ones that need to get some where as fast as possible?

"I'm in a hurry to get things done...I rush and rush until life's no fun"

All those cars, all that rushing... all those heat waves making themselves visible... I think I need a more simple life.

The life of the beach bum intrigues me.

Spending days upon days... and weeks upon weeks on the beach. Now that, my friends, is the life. *Sigh*

Last summer I visited Natchez, Mississippi (okay, I know, talk about humidity and heat!) and fell in love with this charming southern city on the banks of the Mississippi. Green landscaped yards, wide verandas, cool river breezes... I envision myself selling my house here and spending my days on one of those verandas drinking iced tea (Unsweetened as I am not going to pretend to be southern) and writing my memoirs or reading fabulous books from sunrise to sunset...

And I would be bored out of my mind within a week, but the idea is truly nice. Add a porch swing and a southern gentlemen with an Australian accent (that part is pure fantasy of course, but it is my fantasy) and... life would be perfect.

The simple life!

Of course, when I am truly feeling like I need to escape, I picture something like the storyline of Under a Tuscan Sun or transplant myself to my cousins sheep farm/ranch/station (?) in somewhere Western Australia... both with old roomy houses, high ceilings, limited technology, fresh produce, little traffic/noise... and what I imagine to be, a simple life.

But, for now, I am not enjoying the simple life despite my attempts to further a simplistic lifestyle.

In fact, I am one of those people who runs from this place to that.

In fact, I have three minutes to get to my meeting!!

Rush, rush, rush...

"All I really need to do is live and die, but I'm in a hurry and don't know why..."

And someday there will be....

birds singing, the breeze blowing, the sounds of waves rippling... and the voice of that sexy Australian who haunts my dreams...



Unknown said...

And who exactly is this West Australian sheep grazier with whom you have plans to share a station, Exceptional One?

The Exception said...

Wombat - Good question! I haven't exactly picked the Ausie man yet (ah, so many from which to choose) and, well, the house and the land is more in keeping with what I want. I wasn't overly thrilled with all those sheep! And what they do to the dogs that didn't "fit the bill"... I couldn't do it. But that house... the land... the small town out in the middle of no where...sigh!

Unknown said...

Well, I think the price of getting the house, the man, and the town, is tucking all those woolly ones into bed each night.

Love the man, love his sheep.

Bre said...

I always think that I'd like to live like that - to relax all day... but then I know for sure that I would go crazy without a job to go to and work to do. It's just not in me to relax well!

Aaron said...



The Exception said...

Wombat - Yeah, I know. So I will have to find another Ausie man - after all, it is truly about the man and the accent over the house and the land! If you know any that are available, let me know.

Bre - exactly. I like the idea. The reality... probably doesn't fit well with my personality.

Aaron - yes, imagine that, tea that is not sweetened. I have not yet figured out what it is about the south and their love of sweetened tea!

Unknown said...

Is that all you're looking for? The accent and sun-squinting gaze?

The Exception said...

Wombat - Of course not. Don't be silly. I want the sharp wit, great body, adventurous spirit, love of life, great hands... etc. The accent and gaze are simply a great place to start! In my part of the country, the "squint"' and resulting laugh lines are... sexy!

Michael C said...

You description of Miss. makes me want to go there! And your quoting of Alabama? Priceless!!!!!

Ally said...

I hadn't thought about that Alabama song in years, but I do think about being a beach bum regularly.

The Exception said...

Michael C - That song has been running through my head all summer though I haven't heard it in years. It is my "theme" at the moment, I guess!

Ally - Doesn't the life of a beach bun sound... perfect sometimes.