14 February, 2014

Valentine's Day

The men in my office outwardly provide editorial commentary about Valentine's day. Coming from their vastly different experiences, I just smile and remind them that, while they might find it bothersome, it is something fun to a fourteen year old girl. It doesn't matter that the day is something celebrated in fun in my house or that I have done nothing to encourage the fantasy like quality that the day sometimes embraces; it is simply that I have a fourteen year old daughter. It seems that there is a romantic "fun" that comes in to play on Valentine's day. I gently focus on the fun and down play the romance and the expectation - then stand back and watch her enjoy it all.
This year she was excited, ready to throw herself into the fun of it. Which she did with gusto.
Then it snowed.
It snowed enough that she has spent the last two days at home.
While we do have fun on Valentine's day, spending the day with your mom and grandmother just aren't the same as a day spent with friends and peers adorned with hearts and sparkles and with an abidance of chocolate. Home sadly wilts in comparison.
Taking after her English relatives, she has adopted a "stiff upper lip" with the hope that they will simply postpone the celebration of love until Monday - when, unlike so much of the area, they will be at school, not enjoying a holiday, as there has been just a tad more snow and ice than the schools anticipated.
Tonight she will put on her pink, spend the evening dancing, and fall asleep dreaming of magic.
Isn't that the way we all want to end a Valentine's day?

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