29 August, 2007

Something Frustrating

There are times and occasions when I want to scream!!

One such time is when a person asks me for my opinion.

I am fine with giving an opinion. I will do it with tact, but I will tell the truth. I do not sugar coat my thoughts and opinions. They are what they are.

I, however, dislike giving my opinion when I know that the person asking for it does not want to hear the truth.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am not going to sugar coat or be dishonest. I am not sure why a person would ask me for an opinion if they do not want an honest answer.

But they do.

Question is posed.

I refuse to answer the question.

They press.

I am not sure why I answer it, but I eventually do.

And then they are mad because my answer is, as I knew it wouldn't be, the answer that they wanted to hear.


This drives me absolutely, 100% crazy!!!

Why do people ask questions when they know they might get upset if they do not receive the answer that they want?

Why do people get upset when they hear an honest answer over the desired answer - supposing that honest answer is not what they want to hear?

This is one of those human behavior issues that boggles my mind. Honesty, for me, is appreciated above and beyond most, if not all, other things. If I ask a question, I expect an honest answer whether it is the answer that I want to hear or not.

And right now... I want to scream!!!


Michael C said...

Go ahead and scream! I know how frustrating that is and the person that asks you for your 'honest opinion' never lets you off the hook. Yep, scream and scream loudly!!

Carrie said...

I agree with Michael C - go ahead and scream. Good on you for giving the honest answer instead of the scripted one: friends like that are hard to find.

PS I'm back!

The Exception said...

MC - I did, kind of... I can't really scream at work!

Carrie - Glad you are back. I will jump over to see you in a second!

Mike said...

My policy is if you ask a question you accept any answer I give. You have a problem. Sorry that's not my hot potato, you hold on to it.

Unknown said...

Is that what is known as screaming-aggressive, as opposed to passive-aggressive, EO?

Scotty said...

The next time someone does that, you should kick them in the shins. That would make you feel better.

I must say though, I would much rather hear you scream for different reasons.

The Exception said...

Mike - Most people, most of the time, I can have that attitude. There are those that truly know me... and having that policy is a bit more difficult as I know I just should not answer their question.

Wombat - A new psychological finding - screaming aggressive! We can call it an exceptional reaction!

Scotty - Now aren't you the clever one this morning! ;) I have not screamed, for that reason, in quite a while. ;)

JustRun said...

I'd scream, too.
Some people really do want to be lied to, though. Maybe because they can't believe themselves any more and believing someone else is easier.

TAG said...

I tell people all the time. Don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer.


cathouse teri said...

Well I dunno who asked you that question, but they need to bend over and be spanked!

And if that doesn't work, they need to take a long walk off a short pier. :)

Ryan said...

We both have problems with the same issue....

I used to get angry when faced with the right answer to a wrong question, but now I just isolate myself in the middle of nowhere and make no social contact.

It seems to be working well.

The Exception said...

Just Run - Or they want affirmation that what they think is actually the truth? I just don't get it.

TAG - That is what I say too.

Teri - The spanking idea might not go over too well (or might go over too well depending on the person).

Ryan - Hey stranger. Nice to see you in these parts again. Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and fill us in on your happenings.

And yes, isolation is an answer... and Texas is a great place to do that... all those wide open spaces

Unknown said...

Does this presage a pop-psych partnership, EO?

I'm sure we could coin catchy phrases and spew psychobabble at least as well as the others out there.

Exceptional-Wombatini Inc.

Hmmmm, that's got some ring to it.

The Exception said...

Wombat - Oh, we can make it much more simple than that...Exceptional Wombat Corp. Or... EW.

We could specialize in befuddling, bemusing, and exasperating even the most logical thinkers.

EW Inc. - When the average brain teaser just won't do.

Ryan said...

I will never do this from a phone again

Seven Seas said...

Like the old song goes "Don't ask me what I think of you. I might not give the answer that you want me to."

Bre said...

Sometimes you just need to scream!

The Exception said...

Ryan - ?????

7 Seas - Exactly!

Bre - We all need to scream from time to time!

Unknown said...

EW - obfuscating and de-clarifying since 2007.

The Exception said...

Let the fun begin, Wombat!

Aaron said...


Ok, I took care of it for you. You may return to your regularly scheduled rant.

Personally, I think some folks are just looking to pick a fight. They know you're going to object and that's what they're looking for. When I find myself in that situation, I tend to make something up or even agree with them in a sarcastic tone. Might as well have some fun with it. :)