04 September, 2007

Just For Fun Part II

Alas, September has begun.  The school buses arrived on time, traffic was the worst it has been since last June, and offices are filled with people trying to adjust to their return to work. 
If you would still like to ask a question, just send it to me via e-mail or comment and I will update this post. 
I have a few questions to answer rather than start the report I am to write - so....
Wombat asked the first question with an "eye" to my audio post.  I will be doing the answer to his question via audio as soon as I can - hopefully before week's end. 
Mike decided to try and stump me....
1) During sex would you rather be the one tied up or doing the tying.  Why
Simply put people, I am a control freak.  Although I have relaxed a tad, and actually enjoy sharing responsibilities with others from time to time to give myself a break, the truth is, when it comes to many things, I like to be organized, scheduled and in control of the situation.  (And as a single working mom - perhaps I have to be.)  
And before I answer the rest - note that I am not a rough or violent person in any respect of the word.   
The most obvious answer is that I would be the one to do the tying... and that would be fun.  We are not talking over the top, but loose and creative and just fun.  
However, if the right guy came along... you just never know. 
2) Which super power would you choose and why?  a) invisibility b) read peoples minds c) invulnerable
Now this one was truly difficult.  There are definitely times when I wish I were invisible.  There are also times when I feel like I am invisible.  Out of those three options, invisibility would probably be my choice.  
I do not want to know what others are thinking or feeling.  There are times when we, as women, can read the thoughts of men as they look at us.  That is enough mind reading for me!
Vulnerability, although not always pleasant, is part of the human experience.   
3) What do you think your best physical and non physical assets are?
Okay, this is about my perception...not the perception of others!! 
My best physical asset - well, that depends on what we are using this asset to obtain?  If I am after the attention of a man - my chest is definitely my best friend.  If it is just about me, then I would say my hair. 
Non-physical asset - Definitely my mind. 
Michael C asked me to describe my ideal man. 
I do not believe in ideals.  And that might not be the answer that he wanted.    ;)
I deal, to me, implies perfection.  I do not want the "ideal" man just as I don't want the perfect man.  For me, it is truly a matter of chemistry, attraction, and connection.  It is the imperfections and the things that make a person less than ideal that give the person character, charm, and personality.  It is the quirks and idiosyncrasies that bring diversity to a relationship and keep things interesting.  
Teri spent a lot of time thinking about her question - How many men's asses have you grabbed in your life?
Not enough!  ;)
Once a month a good friend and I try to go out to lunch.  We used to frequent a little cafe with outdoor seating etc in Arlington.  It was my all time favorite until the chef moved to Florida.  Anyway, my friend is a bit uptight.  I tend to be a bit playful.  While we were standing in a crowded line, I grabbed his ass.  It was great fun!  He was... stunned.  
Life is just too short to take it too seriously all the time!  ;) 


Unknown said...

The flip side of September arriving is the happy fact of the humidity waning.

Pity it won't happen until Thanksgiving here.

Scotty said...

I just sent myself a reminder to pack some rope.

The Exception said...

Wombat - Ah, humidity leaving. Yes, today is fairly dry. There is plenty of room up here for you and your sensibility.

Scotty - ;) Silk scarves work just as well.

Kennethwongsf said...

I tossed my laundry list of characteristics for "the ideal woman" a long time ago when I found myself falling for someone who possessed little or none of the items on my check list. The list is compiled by the rational brain, but the heart (especially mine) is seldom rational.

Mike said...

Great answers. Got to know you a lot better. Thanks for the opportunity.

The Exception said...

Kenneth - Well stated. Attraction and love work in mysterious ways.

Mike - No worries. I am always open for questions.

The Dummy said...

lol, well you must have made his day!

Great answers by the way to that little quiz. It's pretty amazing how much you can learn about someone through those things.

btw, I need to link to you!

The Exception said...

TD - I am not sure I made his day. He did loosen up a bit after that! ;) Link Away!

Anonymous said...

If you were a cartoon character which one would you be? And Diva?

cathouse teri said...

Those are fan-fucking-tastic answers! I think I'll open up myself to questions, too!

(Hmm... that might be scary.)

Ryan said...

This isn't unusual for me to show up 'after' question period. My timing is oh so good.

One little comment... without control freaks like us, the world would never move ahead.

With that said, I must go organize my wife....

Bre said...

Life's too short not to grab the bull by the... ass?

Michael C said...

Great answer. I did not see that answer coming, but it was perfect and more people should feel that way. Or perhaps more do...