26 February, 2009

How Time Flies

 It is difficult to imagine that I started writing here, at The Exception, just about 2 years ago.  How time has flown… and oh the things I have experienced!

I have relived bits of my 20’s through some fun writers in the US and Canada.

A few Australian men reminded me that men can write about more than sports, technology, politics and guy stuff… and that they can do it with heart and style!

Through wonderful pictures I have traveled to tropical islands, witnessed cycling at its best, partaken in fabulous cocktails, and watched the seasons unfold before my eyes.

I have read amazing posts that had me laughing out loud, brought a tear to my eye, gave me goose bumps, melted my heart, had me wanting to cheer and say “yay”...

Once or twice, I even found myself entering a kind of contest featuring some amazing chests!

This site started as a means of expression.  Life as a woman is challenging – throw in a kid and no man around to share the load and the challenge becomes finding time to be oneself and let that person develop while still serving in the mom, professional, house keeper, cook, domestic  engineer, ballet super volunteer, and general, all round, fix-it person.  The Exception served as a site where I could write about the things that involved me as me more than me as anything or anyone else.

In the past 2 years, The Exception has evolved as I have evolved.  With the aging of my daughter, I have had the opportunity to meld many of the roles I play.  Am I still a woman, a mom, and a professional (and all the rest)?  Yes, but the lines are far more blurred than they were two years ago.  I am all of these things – sometimes I want to be one more than the others, but… I am all of them all the time.  It isn’t always easy or comfortable, but I think that I am learning to accept and flourish.  I think that writing here has proven a wonderful part of that blending and blurring and meshing...

One year is closing; another begins tomorrow… how wonderfully exciting it all is!  




MindyMom said...

Happy Bloggy Anniversary!

TAG said...

I have really enjoyed getting to know you (and the Diva) through your daily posts. Those posts have become a wonderful part of my day. Love your wit, your style and your uniquie prospective on so many things.

May your life continue to evolve in all ways. May you and the Diva flourish and grow. May the two of you enjoy the best things in life together. AND, may you continue to share with me and your other readers.

Thank you for improving my life just a little by sharing yours.


La Mamacita said...

Every time I leave a comment here today my browser crashes for some reason! So here I go again:

YAY for YOU! and double YAY for me, 'cuz I've actually had The Exception-al pleasure...

Your words are wonderful, your insights are profound, and your friendship is treasured.

Be well, and congratulations, TE!

Anonymous said...

You are The Exception! :-)

Happy Blogoversary!!!!

Now then, about those amazing chests... were they attached to a woman in a Halloween fishnet? or did I miss out on some other fun pic

Anonymous said...

Aw, yay! Congrats! Time does fly.

The Exception said...

Mindy and TAG - Thanks... It has been fun... and there is more fun to come... no doubt about it!

Lamamasita - Thanks... you are an enrichment yourself. I love our coffee/lunches!!

DH - Pictures... actualy online. I entered a contest, of sorts, in Australia. The link has been removed though. It was fun. I was one of the few clothed persons... and clothed doesn't mean 100% covered. A girl have to ahve some fun now and again! ;)