06 March, 2009

In the Spotlight: Fallen Scorpio

There are sexy single dads and then there are sexy single dads.  For me, a man that can write and express himself through wonderful pros and imagery is quite sexy.    With that in mind, I would like to focus this week’s spotlight on Scorpy – the Australian who inspired me to open a google account just so I could leave a comment on one of his posts!

Scorpy writes on various topics from his love for his daughters, to his vacation, to his neighborhood stalker, to his steamy experiences.  One day he can have me in stitches while the next he is leaving me somber as he remembers his mates in the military. 

The man reads, cooks, and is an active part of the lives of his daughters.  Oh, and did I mention that he can write?

Scorpy provides a very different perspective on this and that from Marry Me to instructions on the perfect kiss to manual dexterity which I can only describe as an adult man’s point of view.

But before you go and get the idea that Scorpy is all about that, know that this man has been through a lot.  He writes (not as often as he once did) about his military experiences, pain, his lessons learned,     teenage angst, and tales like this fishy one about his adventures with his daughters.

In the past year, Scorpy experienced  a few life changing experiences, from a very awful accident to a change of job and location which has him living in a new town a bit farther (in distance only) from his daughters.  He is not writing much at all, but you better believe that I am right there reading and commenting when he does.  

Scorpy writes honestly about each topic.  He draws the reader in, if only for a few moments.  Some of his ideas and posts stay with me.  I wish this man all the best as his changed life unfolds.  I know that he is exploring new dreams and living unconditional love with his daughters.  





Anonymous said...

Nice post. I didn't know of this blogger. Will check him out!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check him out!