14 April, 2009

Earned Her Pointe Shoes

Hard work, sweet, and tears.  Throughout the past year, the Diva has put all else aside and focused her energy on learning to move and think her way through her ballet lessons. 

Throughout the past months, her class has moved, slowly but steadily, through the lessons.  The instructor impressing upon them that only by moving through the lessons can they dance on pointe; only by learning what is in each lesson can they progress to the next level. 

Thus, they have worked.  The Diva has focused and worked hard to be her best.  She has moved from a lazy dancer to a hard working dancer.  Her body and her attitude illustrate what she has achieved. 

So what happens when a dancer decides to take ballet?  What happens when a dancer is allowed to enter the class so late in the game with three weeks left until the performance and 2 months into the pointe lessons? 

What happened to moving through the lessons, not missing classes, and working diligently through the steps to obtain those pointe shoes?

What happened to not missing a rehearsal in order to be in the performance?

I find myself a bit unsettled of late.  The Diva has dedicated herself to her love for ballet.  In this light, she has worked hard, missed only 2 classes in the last 7 months, and has not missed a rehearsal.  Another girl entered the class at the beginning of April.  She didn’t work through the lessons, didn’t attend the weeks of rehearsals, and yet… she will perform with the class; she has obtained the honor of putting on those pointe shoes. 

That’s life. 

That’s how it works. 

Things aren’t always fair. 

The Diva is not taking issue with this situation in the slightest.  She is thrilled to have the child in the class.  It is me, the mom, the adult who has committed herself to taking the teacher and the classes seriously that is taking issue.  I think about all the parties missed and the plans made such that rehearsal fit into our schedule.  I think about the priority that we have made ballet in order to ensure that she didn’t miss a lesson or a rehearsal.  And now, it feels like it didn’t matter.  She could have missed 7 months of ballet and still gone on pointe; still performed in May.   


Would I have done it differently?  Will I do it differently next year?  Now that I know what I know, will my attitude toward ballet change?


It isn’t fair.  I don’t understand the thinking or the situation that has unfolded.  I do know that my Diva has grown as a dancer.  She is dedicated and determined.  She has worked hard this season – and nothing can take that away.  She earned her pointe shoes!

This is my daughter’s dream.  She wants to dance; she has dedicated her time and energy to dancing.  I would do everything possible to ensure she has the chance to do what she loves. 



justrun said...

I understand that frustration. It's like someone getting a promotion meant for you and they're less trained/educated/whatever. Or getting the same raise you did, but working half as hard. It's wrong, yet inevitable.
As always, though, I think your feelings and your choices are right on. It's what good moms do.

dadshouse said...

I totally understand. My kids soccer and lacrosse coaches are good - if a players misses practice, they don't play as much (if any) during the game. That sends a strong message that practice time and dedication is important.

That said, anyone who holds their own personal work ethic to a higher level will generally achieve more in life. Good for your daughter.

Anonymous said...

That is frustrating for sure...but isn't it great that she's not upset at all? You've taught her well.