17 April, 2009

One of Those Days

Today is just one of those days…

You know, the days with the clear blue skies

The days with the light breeze that promises to keep things light and refreshing

The days when the humidity is below 50% (which is a big deal to those of us from Arizona – I am just saying)

The days when the flowers seem so vibrant, the colors so rich, and everything is sparklingly clean that all seems to shine

It is one of those days where the offices are empty and tee times are difficult to obtain

One of those days that left former coworkers and I thinking that a trip to the Tide Pool might be necessary… to paddle boat of coarse

It is one of those days that defines spring!

After days of rain and gray and cold weather, today is one of the sort that lift spirits and give hope that yes, it is actually spring!

My thoughts this morning drifted to the skies. What a day to be flying!

I opened the windows and listened to the happy chatter of the birds.

I grabbed shades for the two of us before we left.

I listened to my daughter chatter and noted that for once she wasn’t discussing the temperature.

And I wanted to fly.

Today is one of those days that has me thinking about sky diving or hang gliding or flying in a glider.

It is a day that leaves me wanting to enjoy everything I see outside – the colors of natures tapestry – from great heights.

I want to soak this day in completely and revel in its promises!

1 comment:

dadshouse said...

I love the line about tee times - that says a lot!

Glad you are having a beautiful day. Things are gorgeous here, and heating up - supposed to be 90 by Monday. Yikes!