29 April, 2009

Singing the Breakfast Blues

I dislike breakfast.  It is everything I can do to make myself eat something in the morning because I know my body needs fuel to start the day.  My not liking breakfast probably originates from my not being a morning person in general.  I remember going out for “breakfast” and ordering a sandwich… I just don’t do breakfast. 

This was not a problem until I had a child who is also not a morning person and who also doesn’t do breakfast.  The perfect time for my kid to eat “breakfast” is sometime after 9:00 if not later.  This doesn’t exactly work if she has to be training for her 5K at 8:00. 

My challenge is to feed each of us. 

My policy is, “I don’t care what you eat, just eat something.”  This is due to our moods in the morning and our lack of time.  With this in mind, I have found myself eating Panzanella for breakfast or even a sandwich.  I have no problem feeding her pasta at 7 in the morning… but there isn’t time. 

I have done breakfast cookies filled with oatmeal and peanut butter, which we still do now and again.  At one point she ate yogurt, which worked until she decided that she didn’t like yogurt anymore.  She isn’t really big on cereal, decided she didn’t like toast, and the egg thing… well, it is catch as catch can.  She likes a hard boiled egg out, but not when we are eating in. 

I am, as you can imagine, at a loss.  What do I feed this child for breakfast that she will like, will fuel her very active body, and that will not grow boring?  It has to be softer than a bagel and quick.  Can not be gooey in texture and low on the sugar.  She doesn’t do sugary cereals, cold pizza, or quick breads first thing in the morning.  She doesn’t do anything with nuts that she can see… dried fruit is also not on her list.

I need help.  Suggestions???





(Just Run mentioned a Smoothie that I am going to try as that might be a solution for now and again.)


dadshouse said...

And here I sometimes go for lunch and order breakfast!

My kids eat Cheerios - either Honey Nut flavor, or traditional. I eat oatmeal cooked with Rice Dream. I top it with apples, raisins, blueberries, cinnamon, etc.

Mike said...

I've never eaten breakfast food in the last 30 years. I've eaten pasta, sandwiches, etc. Give her what she likes. Like you said it doesn't matter, just eat something.