29 July, 2009

On the Street Where I live

“Did you see that woman on the street corner singing and dancing with her daughter?”

One of these days I am going to be asked this question and have to confess, “Um, that was me.”

Yes, I do sing and dance on street corners while waiting for lights.  My daughter and I have been known to belt out verses of various songs or join together for a duet accompanied by twists and amazing dance moves. 

And this usually happens… well, you might be shaking your head and hoping that I am about to say first thing in the morning when there are few cars out and about. 

Um, well, you would be wrong.  We usually do this sort of thing… during rush hour when the street is the most congested and crowded and drivers are most likely to see and hear our antics. 

When one feels the urge to sing and dance… it is great to just go with it.  There is nothing like giving voice to the song that is running through you. 

One could always dismiss my behavior as playing with my daughter.  I mean, the child is just 9 and can get away with such behavior. 

Um, wrong again… I have been known, in the last week or two in fact, to sing, out loud, by myself, while walking down the sidewalk as well. 

But letting the spirit move us is not something that is reserved for sidewalks and street corners.  Not by a long shot.  Bathrooms make great places to sing – a song while you wash your hands… classic. 

Malls, another great place to sing along with whatever music you happen to hear as you walk by… hey, any store that plays music… why not lend a voice and shake your booty a little.  Isn’t that partially what the music is for?

Oh, and let’s not forget while walking in the rain… Singing in the rain is wonderfully fun.

There are times, especially in the last few months, when I have found myself thinking too much or taking life just a tad too seriously.  Yet, regardless of how serious and gloomy things looked, I would find myself moved to sing and to dance.  I would find myself twisting my daughter about on street corners.  Despite the upheaval in our lives, we kept singing and dancing and playing wherever the urge hit. 

Life is short and precious.  Twists and turns happen at the blink of an eye.  Adversity is everywhere, character is in how we work with the changes and approach the challenges that derive from that adversity. 

For my daughter and me, the approach is with music.  It is with a song on our lips and a few spins and twist and hip shakes and booty  pops.  It is with a giggle and a laugh and… an “I did it my way!” 

And the dancing and singing isn’t only reserved for the streets and sidewalks and malls and such of Northern Virginia and DC – we recommend dancing naked in the living room as well!

Come rain or come shine, if you ever see a woman on the corner dancing with her daughter or singing some song, smile and wave.  It is probably me.  It is probably my daughter.  Know that we are two people enjoying life, regardless of the beat of the song or the bumps of the path.  We are two that dance to the beat of a different drummer.


Unknown said...

oh, do dance! And sing, there is so much to dance and sing about. Thanks for the post!

dadshouse said...

Show tunes or pop hits? I love singing for my kids.

Naked dancing? I'll leave that for you. And I'll come watch.