31 July, 2009

Thank You

There are moments in my life when I just want to say “thanks”

Not just for the beauty that is everywhere and for our cute little home and our wonderful country and the sun that rises every morning beginning an entirely new day in which anything is possible.  *deep breath*  I am thankful for all of that and so very much more.  But today, on this day, and for the last few months, I have been thankful for all the wonderful people in my life as well. 

For the past three months I have been talking.  I have been sharing my story and working through challenges and probably exhausting everyone with whom I have come in contact.  I have been spilling my guts in order to come to terms with the past  and the present.  It is amazing just how much talking and writing and purging I have  accomplished…

And people have been there. 

We aren’t just talking friends and family, we are talking everyone who has heard my story.  We are talking outpourings of support and understanding and genuine offers of support and advice and mostly, time and compassion. 

In the past few weeks, I have learned that my daughter and I are far from alone.  We are far from isolated in this little world of ours.  People not only care, they want to help.  They want to be there for my daughter and provide her with all the love and support she could ever need. 

When I graduated from high school, I wrote a song called “Family of Friends.”  It was actually played on the radio in the largest city in the state… but the point was that friends are family. 

It was kind of true in my little high school on the mountain but it is definitely true in this part of Northern Virginia.  By reaching out and sharing myself, others have been there to not only catch me but to meet me half way and hold my hand and give a hug or two or three. 

Friends… they really are like family. 

My daughter is learning this lesson loud and clear as well as friends in Asia and Australia and Europe, and all over the US from  the southwest to New England and all over Northern Virginia have surrounded her with their virtual and real warmth and love. 

There are times, when things are “off” that I look to isolate myself from the world in order to come to terms with my present and move on.  The challenge in that is that it is just me in that little bubble.  It is just me not working through the past but simply working on  surviving.  Isolation doesn’t provide the hugs and the warmth and the perspective hat is in the rest of the world.  Isolation, though nice and controlled, doesn’t allow one to truly talk and work through the past and learn from the choices and the  lessons because it is hard to apply them and process them when it is just… me… and mine… alone… in that wee bubble.

This time… for me and for my daughter… I talked.  I reached out and talked.  Nothing to hide… no regrets… nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I took a huge chance and risked myself… and gained an amazing amount of support.

And now… I am writing this in thanks.  This is my way of sending a great big hug of thanks back to everyone who has listened and observed and analyzed and laughed and given their time and their hearts to help.  I love you all!!  You know, I am right here for you when or if you ever need anything. 

Thank you – I have learned various things as I have processed the past and found solid ground… I have learned to trust my gut, I have learned to forgive and that this means truly letting go – which is what love is about too, and I have learned that friends are everywhere whether we recognize them or not!!


Mark said...

I love that you have shared and continue to share your journey. You make me smile as I sense you growing in love. Thank-you for all the love and wisdom you share.
Love, hugs and blessings.

Anonymous said...

I love that post. I love being thankful. Sometimes, I'm able to clearly see all the love and beauty and grace in the world - and my heart feels like it is about to burst...