18 September, 2009

Straight from the Heart

The Diva’s grandmother stood in the lobby waiting for me as I had left something in the car.  Her light southern accent explained as she handed me the forgotten objects.  Before she turned to go, I hugged her one last time – just one more embrace after several others exchanged throughout the visit.

And I missed them  as soon as they left.  I missed them as if they were my own family over the extended family of my daughter.

For thirteen years I have delighted in tales and stories and narratives about this family.  I have asked questions and shared my limited knowledge with the Diva.   For years I have wanted to meet them and now,  well… now I have done just that.

And I am so very happy to know them.  

It is often said that we can choose our friends but not our family – and this is true.  Family is family.  It is wonderful though when you can have friends within that family.  

This family is one that belongs to my daughter; it is one that I will continue to embrace and treat as if they are my family as family is important to me and to the Diva… and because they are simply wonderful people who have given their hearts and opened themselves to truly embrace  this child who was kept from them for 9.5 years.

And that love – that love they so want to give and the Diva and I so want to share is something that I consider to be a blessing!  


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