26 August, 2010

Sharing at The Sharing Connection

Today I am experiencing another type of travel – another adventure new to me, expanding my definition that much more.  I am spending some time with Sara, one of the web’s pieces of magic, at The Sharing Connection where I am reacquainted with a dear, old friend; where I share a passion with my daughter; and where I discuss a home away from home.  Please pop over.  Sara has a delightful site – it is a warm and fun place… a home away from home!


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to meet you over there, X! May I call you X? I ask because I'm too lazy to type out your whole name, yet I'll stretch myself to type out this bit. Go figure... :P

The Exception said...

Hi Tony -
I am delighted to have you visit. I read your posts and find them both touching and delightful. Welcome to my little part of the world... and yes, call me whatever you like!

Sara said...

I am so pleased that you created such a special guest post for my site.

I think everyone enjoyed meeting you, reading your story and pulling out their own memories of traveling.

Thanks for sharing yourself at A Sharing Connection:~)