16 September, 2010

Words, Stories, Fun

We all have our favorites
Classics that remain in our hearts
So I offer a chance to share them
In a format that allows creativity and inspiration...
Are you ready to start?

The challenge is as follows
it revolves around short verse
Describe a favorite childhood book or classic
Leaving the title to be found - like that missing chap stick in the depths of a purse.

I offer a few examples below
Created by my daughter and me on the fly
We like to play this game, among others,
While we walk under any kind of sky!

Spun silk forms messages
Best friends – one with four legs, one with eight
A fair, a rat, a little girl
Webbs that change a fait

An under-the-weather grandmother
A basket full of treats
A skipping girl in a cloak
And a large animal with big teeth

His differences were noted
Though he tried, he couldn’t be like the rest
It wasn’t until he saw the beauty of a swan
That he realized that
being true to himself was being his best

And now –
I give each the floor
to write a verse about a story or a book
I wonder if we can guess the titles you choose
In this space or your own little nook.

This post inspired by two books,


LesleyG said...

Cute! I will have to try when I'm relaxing and feeling a little more creative later.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. I'll have to come back to this .. no - wait! I have it ..

Two brothers writers too, lived over the ocean in Medieval times just after America was founded ... they loved language and history, the elder becoming court librarian ..

years later they collected folk tales .. one of their stories is set in verse above .. what else did they write that has passed down to us?

Sorry - not in verse!

PS - Excellent 'game' for a walk or car drive etc ..

Cheers Hilary

The Exception said...

LG – No worries, it will be here all weekend – and it is fun!

Hillary – Um, you got me!! I am quite curious. Will I find the answer in one of your posts? We play lots of games – and this is one of them.

Sara said...

TE, I stopped by earlier, but couldn't think of anything. I hope this counts:

Words and words it sends me reeling.
I look for it when I’m staring at the ceiling,
Trying to understand the meaning of “annealing”
So, then finding it is very, very appealing.

Zeenat{Positive Provocations} said...

I'm not really very good with this...but i do enjoy reading it.
Its fun and h so creative :0
And those books look precious...I have to get them and read them to my little one.
Much Love,