04 October, 2010

Reflection of the weekend

My daughter inspires.

For most of the last year, she has made a point of greeting those she sees with a heart felt “Hello.”  She shares jokes and smiles with the people she meets and the service people she sees.  

She not only recognizes the beauty of the life around her, but she makes that recognition known.  

My daughter can be stubborn; she is human and perfectly imperfect.  She can be detached and removed in such a way that seems beyond her years.  Yet she expresses compassion and grace… in ways that inspire.

I called her dad on Saturday night to find out where they were on the road and to see if I had time to get drinks.  Without thinking about it, I took her order and then offered to get him something as well.  As I waited for the drinks, the barista commented “Your daughter is beautiful.”

I glowed.  

My daughter is physically striking and her energy demands attention …

The barista was referring to her spirit – her compassion – My daughter’s ability to see the beauty around her and make people “real” over a part of the background.

“How is your better half?” a friend asked on the phone moments ago…

“My daughter is great…!!”



BigLittleWolf said...

Too lovely.

Our kids really are our greatest gift, aren't they.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. says a lot about you too .. so she's a chip off the old block!? But great that you can see her attributes and that she cares for others ..

Wonderful tribute .. thanks Hilary

Sara said...

What a nice post about your daughter:~) Then again, you are raising her and allowing all that good spirit and beauty to emerge on it's own. A parent has to learn to be a good gardener...I think you have learned this well:~)