10 January, 2011

January Days

There are some mornings when words flow from my fingers with ease, requiring little thought or effort.  It is as if my mind has something to say or my heart has words or thoughts to express and my fingers serve as tools by which this occurs. 

There are other mornings, such as today, which find me at a loss.  What to write?

As the January days continue to be cold, and a snow storm threatens to arrive tomorrow,  my list of things that need to be accomplished steadily heats to a point of potentially boiling over, spilling its contents from “today’s list” into “this week’s list.”

Where I would love to have moments to ponder or to  contemplate the brisk day spent in the city or the excitement I feel each morning as I notice the sun lighten the sky that much earlier – my moments are, instead, spent attempting to define technological details which leave me working my way through mazes of user’s manuals. 

While there is much I would like to write about; topics upon which I anticipate putting on paper – for now, for me, it is work that fills my mind.  It is the piles of “to do” items that threaten on my virtual desk. 

I am here.

I delight in the brisk air of January and the ever lightening sky. 

I savor my morning coffee, the conversations and silences I share with my daughter and friends, and I treasure the moments spent reading.

I am reminded to cherish the kindness and smiles and warmth around me – recognizing and appreciating each as the piles seem that much smaller and the tasks more achievable!





Tess The Bold Life said...

Short and sweet...wisdom!

The Exception said...

Thanks Tess - These days it is the simple and the short that make my days!
Love the little pieces of glitter - the short and simple!

BigLittleWolf said...

I can certainly relate to those days when the words flow, and others when - not so much. It's a real strain to make anything cohesive come out! (Oh, that multitasking thing needs a break now and then, doesn't it?)

Maryse said...

Appreciation is the name of the game, isn't it? Savoring the moment and making our days our own. I wish you a Thoroughly Enjoyable Thursday!

PS: found you through Patty's blog, 'Why Not Start Now?"

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. your words to remember "to cherish the kindness and smiles and warmth around us" .. are so important ..

January is a cold month - but the days are dawning and life springs eternally ahead .. remembering care and compassion .. smile and laugh & enjoy every little moment ..

Hope the days are 'glittering and lighter' a little more .. look after yourself .. a peaceful weekend .. Hilary