01 June, 2011

Equanimity: A State of Balance

A place of balance; of ease; of peace
I suppose that, more than anything else, equanimity is a sort of grace – or at least that is how I see it as I look over the month of May from beginning to end. 
I entered May with unemployment seemingly just around the corner – yet, I remained in a place of openness and balance.  It could have been a period of drama and fear; it could have been one of hiding beneath the covers and hoping that a knight in shining armor (why are they always in shining armor) would come and rescue me.  It wasn’t. 
It was and remains (though I have a wonderful new position) a balanced sense of “ah” and “wonder.”  It is kind of this sense that today is today and wow… I wonder what will happen today. 
In this sense, equanimity has been a theme of my life in May just as it was the RAOKA theme in May. 
This state of equanimity permeated my life and those around me.  I have to admit that telling people your contract has ended and that you are soon to be unemployed is kind of like telling people you have the plague or something.  They acquire a certain expression… and while some might see how they can help, others… well, not so much. 
Add to this the ease with which I talked about my employment… the sense of calm and wonder… and I am not sure actually what people  made of it all. 
However, that calm and balance kept my life in a sense of  grace; that calm and wonder created a wonderful model for my daughter who, despite her discomfort with change, has embraced the employment challenges with a sense of wonder and excitement that mirrors my own. 
The changes haven’t been easy in some cases, but we take them as they come – and that balance remains
Equanimity – in having a sense of it myself, I have been able to continue to give to my daughter and those around us.  I have likely been more present and fully about the moment for myself and everyone else because of that inner balance.    Perhaps equanimity also allows us to see and recognize others more clearly and with an open mind as well. 
May – a month of equanimity and surprises…
And I wonder what June will hold?  

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LesleyG said...

How wonderful when you can see change as opportunity. Here's to June!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. wishing you an excellent June - but if your balance of life is right, things will slot in .. enjoy life as you and your daughter do are the main things ..

Cheers Hilary

BigLittleWolf said...

I love a new month. Yes, change can be positive - even when it's challenging.

As for balance? I go for "relative" balance - knowing there will always be periods that are overjammed and difficult, but hopefully they will be offset by something else.

Perhaps that theory of relativity gets some of us through?

megabrooke said...

hi there old friend! it was so nice to see your comment on my blog yesterday. it sounds that, despite the recent challenges that have come your way with unemployment, you are doing really well of seeing the positive in the situation, and finding the balance in your everyday life. hope that new, wonderful opportunities come your way!

this RAOKA... it sounds interesting... id like to hear more :)

Swissgear abckpack said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. That sounds awesome. I will definitely check it out and probably write a review about it.