03 October, 2011

A Day Off?

"enjoy your day off."
My day off... appointments, phone calls, and paperwork.  All things that need to be done but dan't get done due to the normal work day.  It is more a day to do "house" or "medical" related things thus it is working differently.  But it is a day not in the office; a day that doesn't require changing into heels and dresses and clicking down long halls. 
So often I think that the only way for me to get some things done is to take the time off of work, during the week.  Weekends are for running around and doing other things.  Weekdays seem to be, in my mind, for taking care of business.  Not to mention, there are just some things you can't do on weekends - phone calls that can't be made and appointments that can't be kept... so one has little choice but to take a day from the day job to engage in these activities. 
I am now down to about a half hours -  a bit of time to read, to relax, and to write.  A bit of time for catching up on the fun things. 
Thus I turn off this computer, relax, and pack my bag with the other computer.  Ensure that I have letters and bills to slip into the mail and all the things my daughter and I will need for the rest of the day into this evening. 
Even though my "day off" was only about five hours in total... it was time well spent.  Tomorrow I am back in the office writing reports and researching.  I will click down halls, gaze out windows, and fine tune my ability to block out the noise around me to focus on the words coming across my screen. 
But that is tomorrow - today I still have a fewminutes to do my thing!!


BigLittleWolf said...

One thing about "working for yourself" (or being an "independent") - whether by choice or otherwise, paid or otherwise - there are no days off.

Hardly seems rational, now does it?

Ah, but your (so-called?) day off I hope - was a little bit fun. A change at least, from the usual. And good for you if you stepped away from the screen!

SO important. We all need to find a way to do it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. so difficult to get time in for one self .. but what I love about you and your daughter .. is your love for each other - as you move each other forward through life and enjoy and appreciate it all so much ..

Sadly those 'essentials' need to be done - don't they .. housework, pay the bills etc .. but a day off just reading, mooching around, staring at the sky and clouds ..

Enjoy your time - you will .. as you appreciate the finer gentle details so many miss ... with many thoughts and a big hug - Hilary

Cinderella said...

Some time off - even if it was only 5 hours - is always welcome:)