02 February, 2012

Everyday is Groundhog Day!

"Everyday is Groundhog Day" I wrote this morning on my white board after putting out a wonderful fire drill that was both unexpected and unnecessary.
The office took a deep breath and "sigh" we were ready to start the day... again.
I would like to say that fire drills are a rare thing in my office - and we seem to think that they would be if a particular person would allow things to flow over trying to control everyone. But she does and so we have firedrills. We spend hours working on presentations that could be done in less than half the time; then, we spend hours writing the notes to those presentations... the notes that could have been drafted first...
And we end this process with headaches, discussions of hitting a near bar drinking hole and handfuls of chocolate.
Yesterday I noted the wonders of having a "tribe" to go through it -the ability to survive with a group rather than on your own.
Today I was made painfully aware of the ability of one person to take a molehill and turn it into a mountain that has to be topped "NOW!" (and CC me on everything)
"You are quick to smile," my manager told me this afternoon after I also told her that yesterday I was seriously not happy to be at work at all for the first time.
Reality, I have worked with passive aggressive people before, I get the control mentality... and I dislike it but I am not going to let this person ruin my day no matter how hard she tries - and she is trying. While my coworker is starting to experience anxiety attacks about coming to work and we spend lots of time jokingly suggesting that we all bring in yoga mats for a quick fifteen minutes of meditation each day... I find that I look for ways to laugh.
The day I can no longer smile or laugh... that is the day I find a new job. Life is just WAY too short.
Beyond that, I always have the "young" woman around the corner who has the very loud laugh... and who flirts with a coworker of mine for hours on end. I have no idea what is so funny, but... her laughter gives us all reason to change the subject.
"Do I laugh that loudly?"
"Did I behave like that when I was in my twenties?"
Or where we started today... "My sons are fascinated with my stories of 'real' records!"

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