09 August, 2012

Vacation? This is my Relax-Cation

it is all about taking life as it comes; never really knowing what the next hour holds, not to mention tomorrow.
When I collect my daughter from camp, we talk about the events of the day. At some point, I will ask about the plans for tomorrow - to which she responds "I don't know."
She is completely at ease with this. She knows that she will most likely be at camp and that she is ready to have fun so... no worries, she will let the mystery of life unfold in good time.
I ponder this as I sit in my favorite seat at Pret A Manger listening to the crowd ebb and flow behind me. Other than the most basic of details, I have not know the happenings of my days either. While during the normal work week, I know what needs to be accomplished, I also recognize that there is a structure that resists change that isn't requested and well established and noted, numerous times, in advance.
And it is exactly that structure that creates stress - and it is that lack of stress that I have completely enjoyed for the past ten days. Not having a set schedule or anything that has to be a accomplished has proven fabulous. Not feeling drained at day's end having spent 9 hours bending and minding office politics - beyond refreshing!
WHile I listen to the people next to me discussing the International Spy Museum, apparently visiting for their vacation, I smile to myself and sigh. While they are running around seeing all they can in a short period of time, I am also on vacation but of a totally different kind.
I am taking a page from my daughter's book - not worrying about tomorrow or even thinking about all that requires my attention when I return to the work place on Monday.
Today is right here and now.
Today the sun is shining; my green tea is delightful and soothing and proves itself to be the perfect companion to my reading and writing.
Today I am living life as if it isn't a series of problems to be solved (or addressed) - I am embracing life for the mystery that it is.


BigLittleWolf said...

Sun, green tea, taking what comes... All good...

Pamela said...

This sounds like a beautiful day, mostly because of your noticing and your gratitude. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to stop and enjoy life's pleasures and to be OK with not knowing what the day - or the next - will bring.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. sometimes just being is what counts isn't it - not worrying about anyone else and being happy in oneself ...

I think work might be today - have a peaceful week ... cheers Hilary

Scorpy said...

I recently took three weeks off and it took me until the end of the first week for me to finally turn off my Blackbery and stop checking my emails. It was only then that I started to relax and de-stress.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..