27 September, 2012

Fighting Words?

"She makes the best chocolate chip cookies."
I looked at him and jokingly said "Impossible."
I am not sure why such a phrase hits me as it does but the idea that someone else "might" make better bookies than I do... well, them there are fighting words!
But it isn't the competition; it isn't that I am seeing this sentence as a challenge.  My womanhood and femininity do not rest on my ability to bake nor does my attractiveness depend upon the brand of flower or the make of chocolate chosen.
I recognize all of this.
I get it, I really do.
That said, the sentence leaves me considering options, mentally digging through recipes, and wondering when or if I will have a chance to bake in the near future.
Perhaps it is that I just want an excuse to bake?
It could be that there is some basic instinct in me to nurture through providing something that so obviously brings joy to someone.
With this in mind, note that I have baked and sent brownies to Thailand; to Sweden; and, to this and that person throughout the US.  In the first two cases, it was purely because I knew that these two friends loved chocolate.
Further, there is nothing like a home baked treat from a friend or someone who cares.
Could it be then that the phrase is not necessarily "fighting words" but more an insight into a means of demonstrating care, at one point, for another?
Does it matter if the person in question is male?
I laugh to myself at this thought.  Over the past few months I have treated people with croisants on Monday mornings, a chocolate surprise when I hear "I need chocolate," and a snuggly is currently drying in my laundry room for a friend who is freezing every day at her desk.
A friend of mine takes great delight in pointing out how I am or am not a Virgo (my birth sun sign).  Virgos are the mothers of the world she tells me.  Most of the time I don't really see that quality in myself.  I am a care giver to nature, love animals, have a soft spot for children, and can be a detached analyst at the drop of a hat.
But I have my moments... I learn of a person's birthday, I know someone needs a care package (or I feel I need to send one), or I hear the sentence... She makes the best chocolate chip cookies... and I hear, a means of demonstrating humanity, care, and recognition of a soul.

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Wolf Pascoe said...

Anytime the mood strikes, you can send me some of them chocolate chip cookies.