29 October, 2012


It is now just a waiting game.
Food is purchased, unpacked and put away.
Water is in supply.
Warm blankets and extra forms of lighting stand ready for use.
And now we wait.
This morning, all essential purchased, we focused on enjoying a walk, getting outside, and finding a few fun things to keep us going over the next few days.  The area seems to hope that the storm will be less than what is advertised; that once again the weather people and the models will be off. Despite this hope, we plan, we prepare, and we anticipate losing electricity and being housebound for days on end.
Sandy is on her way.  Having been caught off guard of the summer, no one is underestimating the possibilities of the damage this storm could create.
Schools canceled for days; work canceled for days; ballet canceled for days…
We sit and wait.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. glad you're safe - and wise .. better to be away than be caught out. Who knows what the weather system will do ..

Hope all will be well with you both .. big hugs - Hilary