28 January, 2013


Blue skies have shifted to gray.
Where yesterday there were sun filled smiles; today crystal tears fall. Ice that would glisten like diamonds were there just a hint of light to highlight their brilliance and intricacies.
Considering that last thought, contemplating the crystals that continue to fall outside, I wonder if there is more to it? Were the sun shining; were street lights hitting the ice as it fell, would we perhaps note and clammer over the site. We would be able to see the beauty.
Without that source of light, without something to highlight the individual brilliance...
Light or not, the intricacies and the nuances of the ice rain doesn't change; what changes is our ability to see. Perhaps what changes is that our attention is drawn to those aspects under the light?
How much are each of us like those crystalized drops of water?
Each of us has a brilliance and intricacies that are beautiful to behold; however, how often are those aspects of ourselves noticed? Does it take a source of light to draw the attention of ourselves or others?
There are times when I have served as the light that shines upon another to highlight their brilliance. As a parent, as a friend, as a person in a relationship of any sort - it feels only natural to turn on the high beams and focus. I served as the operator of the spotlight. I would guess that most people have served this role. Once our attention is drawn to the brilliance of another, we like to share that find with others.
It is, perhaps, more challenging to serve as our own source of light; to recognize our own brilliance and intricacies on any given day, especially those where the clouds block the sun, excluding all external sources of light.

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BigLittleWolf said...

I think THIS is brilliant. Love your high beams and spotlight analogy and it does seem so much easier (for many of us) to highlight another, rather than ourselves.

But best is the idea of being a source of light, not necessarily shining light (from the outside) onto ourselves. A certain measure of that is necessary (in the real world), but glowing from within - if possible, even now and then - to be luminous, to embody it, how wonderful that would be.

Not just for ourselves, but for those we love.