06 April, 2013

Relax Your Heart Open

The words reach through the busy -ness in my head and hit somewhere close to home.
Relax your heart
So easy this is at times and much more challenging at others. I remember reading passages that defined relationships as gifts that come when and where we need them. Some lasting for long periods of time while some are fleeting. Each is with the right person at the right time and brings to each a gift whether that is recognized at the time, after, or not at all. This concept resinated with me then; it resinates with me today. I am open to those who touch my life, prepared to give and take, learn and teach. And, for the most part, II am open to the gifts provided and lessons to teach and learn.
Most of my relationships now are more distant. It is not intentional as much as it is the nature of the relationships at hand or that currently occupy my space.
And then there are those that are more... more connected.
Those that require me to relax my heart and allow the relationship to happen.
No living in the future where I am attempting to live a relationship that doesn't exist.
Not putting up walls to keep things distant and painless.
I am kept moving, kept busy, kept focused on what lies outside my heart or my insecurities - which is likely what is providing me the space and the ability to relax my heart; to listen to stories of kids; to offer conversation and energy; to sense an awareness that lies beyond what is spoken and to just sit with it.
In an environment that is constantly changing, I am well aware that time is short. I hold that up as a shield sometimes - a means of putting distance between the possibilities and my uncertainties
Without a direct change in assignment, I am kindly reminded, no one is going anywhere. Which, for the two of us remains equally true.
I settle back into the present; relax into my heart; seeing what is and letting go of what has not happened.
It is, just this... which can so easily apply to the experiences that bring us joy as it applies to those moments of stress and pain.
Just this - breathe, relax, and remember that this is the only time I will live this moment... so live it fully.

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