04 November, 2013

Day Turning to Night

I wasn't ready to fall back an hour to witness the dusk arriving that much sooner and the day turning to night earlier each day. I just was not ready.
ready or not - we have switched to "Standard" time, and I am caught unprepared for the chill the works it way into my body as soon as the sun drops below the horizon.
November arrived with glorious warm weather and a hint of rain. Today I am remembering that it also brings a feeling of sadness that I reach to describe. November seems to be the month of full change from fall to pre-winter. The trees shed their colorful attire, jewel tones leaves quickly drop and fade soon to return to earth - but not before a final dance and twirl with the winds.
November is when I begin to look inward, noting the little moments of gratitude and the lingering taste of lost potential or directions not chosen. This year, I feel pulled into November before I was ready. While I can smile and go through the motions, my thoughts circle and drift like the leaves in the wind. They drift a few more times not yet ready to alight.
November feels unsettled, because I have not yet left October.

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Lesley said...

I hear you. I feel like I'm being dragged toward winter as well.