16 November, 2011

A Head Scratcher

"Please call me if you need to schedule anything as I no longer check e-mail."  The words i spoke months ago (and repeated monthly after that) came back to haunt me when I happened to open my work e-mail account last night to find an e-mail requesting scheduling information.  
For the record, I once lived on my e-mail account during the day.  I disliked any e-mail sitting in it; I responded promptly.  Oh how thing have changed!  
A few months ago, I changed jobs, changed offices, and promptly informed everyone that I no longer would be able to check that account outside once or twice a week.  I ensured that everyone knew my phone number and that the best way to reach me was by phone after business hours, or leave a message and I will return the call.  I simply don't e-mail anymore.  It is as simple as that.  There are lots of things I don't do anymore and communicating via e-mail is one of them.  I suppose when you spend hours upon hours communicating and studying communication, the last thing one wants to do is spend more time communicating (note the activity on this blog!) 
And everyone listened.  
When i check my work account, it is up to a good hundred e-mail, most of which are junk and I have pages that sit read but unanswered or without activity because I take care of it by phone or it requires no action.  
My once empty Inbox now is pages worth of e-mail and it doesn't phase me in the slightest!  
I simply do not e-mail; I don't write; and I don't know why I need to repeatedly tell the same person that the way to reach me and receive a prompt or timely response is to… call.  
.  Except…
Except one person.  
One person insists on sending an e-mail to an account he knows and has been told I rarely check.  
One person, month after month, elects to send words into the air hopefully with the realization that there really isn't anyone checking the account.  
One person insists on ignoring my continued reminders that I don't check the account; please call and leave a message.  
And I just don't get it???
I suppose that the messages he is leaving once a month aren't of great importance to him in that he knows that there won't be a quick response; there might not be a response for days or longer; and he knows that if it is important, he can call… 
So he sends the message, timely as it most often is, with what expectation?
I find the entire thing bewildering.

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