19 November, 2011

Winter Already?

"Windy and rainy… Winter's on the way boys!"  
I had to smile as I listened to the words spoken in a wonderful and natural rendition of the southerner that the movies often try to replicate but can't succeed.  
Winter is on its way, but first there is another month of fall to enjoy.  
One day at a time!  I am not in a hurry to bring winter and all its beauty or its harshness.  And for our area, they are expecting it to be extreme…
"Extremely warm," I tell my daughter as we walk.  
She isn't buying it.  "I would rather freeze my toes than sweat like crazy (for another few months)."  
I think that the child is crazy, but then she doesn't listen to herself complain about the cold for months on end!
There are only a few months in which I don't consider the wonders of moving to a different climate.  People really don't move to the DC area for the weather!
And all this runs through my mind as I wait for the clock to hit seven… and for my minutes to turn unlimited and I can let my fingers do the walking and "reach out" to a friend in another time zone in another part of the country.  
Let the laughter begin.  


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. enjoy whatever the weather .. I know I really don't enjoy Winter at the moment (last few years)and would like Spring to roll around .. but there are compensations in winter sometimes!

Happy Thanksgiving and I do hope you are having a lovely week with your daughter and friends .. cheers to you - Hilary

Sara said...


I loved how you ended this post:

"Let the laughter begin."

Even though this was written in November, it's a perfect New Year resolution.

That's what I wish for you this 2012. "Let the laughter begin."

I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful year:~)