12 January, 2012

2012 Already

Heels click down marble floors
We dodge people as we make our way to join the line for morning coffees.
And I am reminded that no matter how difficult or frustrating the job might be at times... it is often those with whom we work that provide a silver lining.
At one time I dreaded the idea of working in a cube
And now I can't imagine not working with the voice and laughter that come from beyond the curtain or from my back.
Having long been a lone wolf, it is amusing, to me, that I now enjoy the companionship and the group dynamics of the open office.
Me, the lone wolf, the one person of my team who has actively pursued team relationships.
Growing up?
It is funny as I know so many that move into their shells with age and increased comfort with self.
With increased comfort of self, I am merged into the group as a confident and enthusiastic member of the team.
I entered 2011 with the full realization that I was open to the possibilities
And i had no clue what the future would hold or how it would evolve.
Oh, what a way to have embraced 2011 as I never could have or would have predicted landing here or the path that brought me to this point.
2012 may be more about finding balance in so many parts of my life; for me, my home, and my daughter.
A few weeks ago I met a 95 year old man as spry as a much younger man. His secret to life, he happily shared, to wake every morning knowing it will be the best day ever.
What a wonderful way to start each day.
My teammate arrives at work ready to dislike the job one, more, day. This morning I told her... that there really isn't much we can do about the challenges of the job... but "I am here to learn."
And I remember that man with every day being the best day ever... for me, it is an exciting day because I am ready to learn.
So here's to 2012 - To learning, To finding Balance, and To living each day knowing that it is the best day!


LesleyG said...

That is a really, really great reminder. I am in a these are not the greatest days current right now and it is tough. I am slowly making my way out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. that's a great story - love the 'eternal man's' attitude to life .. and it sounds like you're establishing yours for the coming year.

So I will drink a cup of tea with you ... "Here's to 2012 - to learning, finding balance, and to living each day knowing that it is the best day."

Excellent thought and I've just rung an old friend - 95 next week! - who lives far away .. and had a long chat with her ... good timing all round!

So have a lovely year and many happy times .. and love to you and your daughter .. Hilary