17 September, 2012


I use a Macbook Air.  I love this little machine and it is quite popular with men.
Yes, that is right.  I suppose that there are men who use props to grab the attention of women  - like dogs, kids, cars... whatever they believe will grab the attention of a woman they are looking to captivate.
I use a Macbook Air.  I use it because it is light, totally contained, and beyond awesome.  No one ever told me that it is a man magnet.
I suppose that makes sense though, yes?  it is technology.  it is apparently something that not so many people choose to own like a standard Macbook or Macbook Pro or Ipad.  It looks quite cute and attractive sitting on the bar or a table at a coffee shop; so cute in fact that men are drawn to sit next to it and some of them find the courage to ask about it.  Engaging in conversation as to its beauty and its performance.  Maybe Apple could take a hint here - send attractive women, of all ages, into the general population with Macbook Air computers and watch the sales increase!
I write all that to tell the following:
Last night, as I sat typing away on my little Air, the man sitting next to me started to have a fairly serious conversation, in another language, with the barista as he was cleaning.  When the discussion ended, the older man apologized to me for having disturbed me, which he didn't.  At this point i asked him what language he was speaking as I am usually able to identify them but this one I couldn't.  he explained that he was speaking "Persian" (Farsi) and that the two had been discussing the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the current state of the country.
Submitting  to my "student of life" personality, i allowed the conversation to unfold and engaged in the topic intrigued by the nuances of the topic and the dialog between the man who left Iran directly after the revolution and the young man who just arrived from Iran a few months ago.
But of course, we also had to bring my wee Air into the conversation because, like most men do, he noticed my machine.
We didn't talk for long, and I am never sure about the subtext of conversations such as this one.  I read and hear about people meeting at coffee shops or in ice ream parlors or on subway trains.  On my part, there was no romantic interest in this man - but does there need to be to have a conversation anymore?  he requested my number due to my interest  in the topic,  innocent?  I am not one to shy away from male friendships; however, i am also aware of the adage that men and women can't be "just friends."  I don't buy it but I am not a man so how do I really know?  Maybe women can be friends with men but the reverse is not possible (alla When harry Met Sally)?
I want to talk to the young barista as the topic is intriguing - that of Iran.    Who knows, maybe he too will take an interest in my computer and sit down to chat?
Maybe, until I figure out this whole subtext issue with people who chat with one another in coffee shops etc out, I might be better served to leave the computer at home?
Then again, I have never been one to miss an opportunity to take notes and observe.

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BigLittleWolf said...

Fascinating, about the Macbook Air. I would've had no idea...

And even more delicious, that you allowed the conversation to unfold - as a "student of life," but also, perhaps, sensing in this man more of that non-American "nuanced" view of the world, including the pleasure of a conversation simply in and of itself?

I believe that men and women can be "just friends." It is sometimes difficult, but possible - and very, very rich.

And isn't this exactly how we make peace in the world - one conversation at a time?

Looking forward to hearing whatever happens next.