20 September, 2012

Silver Linings

October seems to have  arrived two months early.  other than a slight wonderings as to whether january will appear two months early too, I haven't heard anyone really complaining about the more fall like temperatures.  People seem to be taking full advantage of the beautiful days with windows open, car roofs down, and time spent out side.
Steaming temperatures or more temped weather, , my daughter and I are out and about doing out thing, which often includes pastries and coffee on weekend mornings.
One such morning we sat on a ledge finishing our drinks prior to doing the grocery shopping; while enjoying the moment, my daughter's attention turned to my hair.
"I can see your silver lining."
For the past year, my child, center of my heart, has found great delight in observing the changing color of my hair.  Red turning to white; brown to silver... she ensures that the changing of each hair is observed and brought to my attention.  I recognize that this is a natural aspect of aging; however, if I could figure out how to minimize the levels of hydrogen peroxide in my body, I would do it without question.
While her commentary is usually just self entertainment and normal teen aged behavior; this morning in question, we found a means of putting it all in perspective.
"I can see your silver lining."
And silver lining is exactly what I need these days.
I don't know if it is my work environment or the continual drain of office politics or natural biology, but age seems to be catching up with me of late.  I am not sure anyone can, as of yet, identify my actual age, but... I am feeling older than I have felt in the past, and I recognize changes in my body.
The idea of finding the silver linings; my silver linings, is one that I find intriguing and perhaps challenging.
Within the past year I have experienced the death of my last remaining grandparents; I have watched a new year of my own life begin; I have watched my job move from one with bumps to one with mountains that are true mountains and not just mole hills.  If my hair is any indication, I am being asked to find increasingly significant forms and amounts of silver lining.
I remind myself that it is just today - that being able to focus just on "this" and not on the rest is a silver lining.  That I work with great people - silver lining.  That my daughter is beyond amazing... huge silver lining.
I remind myself not to borrow issues from the future because I really don't know how things are going to unfold tomorrow so three months from now is way beyond my perceptive abilities.
There are silver linings  in my life; there are silver linings all around me from the changing of the leaves to the delightful weather to the purr of cats and the laughter of people to the singing of the birds.  In the end, I am my own silver lining - taking on the challenges with as much balance as I can bring to bare and grace.  


Lesley said...

You have such an encouraging outlook-- you always inspire me. And that is more than a silver lining!
I'm here cheering for you!

BigLittleWolf said...

The silver lining. What a lovely way to phrase it. (My sons also seem to delight in pointing out the (now more than) occasional silver strand.)

Ah well... For everything there is a season, is there not?

Best we take it all in and appreciate each moment that we can. Including the teasing pleasure of our children.

Pamela Hunt Cloyd said...

Oh thank you for this!! I have been bemoaning my own "silver lining" and now I see it differently. What a wonderful daughter. Thank her too:)