24 April, 2007


I am borrowing this idea from Bre and Brandy. Although I have listened to NPR for years, I have to admit that I never considered drafting my own list. It was an interesting exercise. Thanks!

I believe in living in the moment. I believe in taking chances. That there are lots of different kinds of people out there, some of which are afraid to truly take a chance and be happy. I believe that I am not one of these people.
I believe in kissing. That it is an art. That it is worth doing for long periods of time and can differ each time it is done... even with the same person. I believe that one can get lost in a good kiss... what a place to be lost!
I believe in reading, books, audio, e-books, books on Ipods, hard back, paper back, library binding, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, newsprint, magazines, books with pictures, books without pictures, books with chapters, books with words, books without words, reference books, text books, atlases, dictionaries, books in two languages, flip books, books in all sizes for all purposes... I believe in reading!
I believe that teachers are the most undervalued and under paid professionals. That there are people who can not teach in elementary schools (and that I am one of them). I believe that teaching is a challenge as every child is different in seen and unseen ways. I believe that there was a better solution than NCLB and hope that we find it soon.
I believe that love is a gift that we give. That the gift is free and does not request, desire, or demand reciprocation.
I believe that there are many different kinds of love. That love, even when people marry with it, doesn't necessarily last. That love is unconditional and accepting. That love is honest and does not judge. I believe that love is worth the time it takes; and then some.
I believe in Soul mates. That they are a mirror reflecting us, as we are, good and bad. That they, unlike many others, have the ability to provide us an honest look at ourselves. That they can love us unconditionally. That their role is not a permanent part of our lives.
I believe in the value of pets (birds, fish, cats, dogs, hamsters...)That they bring joy to our homes. That they teach our children responsibility and respect. That they can give us an amazing amount of love without asking for anything in return (outside general care)
I believe in kids; kids of all ages, 0-99. That we tend to forget about the kid that dwells within us and that it is healthy to let that kid out to play at least once a week.
I believe in diversity; that everyone has something to offer, not in their similarity but in how they differ from one another.
I believe in ideas... spoken, written, thought, built, conceived...
I believe that a woman doesn't cease being a woman when she becomes a mom. Actually, that her identity as a woman is that much more important to recognize and nurture.
I believe that a woman can wear a dress in the corporate world and still be as professional as a man. That she can have curves and a feminine form. That these can be shown; not hidden. I believe that there can be color in the corporate wardrobe. I believe that most of my wardrobe is black (believe it or not) but that I am branching out. I believe it is very liberating to wear a green dress!
I believe in pajama days; mental health days; playing hooky; and spontaneous lunches. (There is nothing wrong with a nice "nooner")
I believe in honesty; integrity; good manners; and responsibility... and that parents need to do more to ensure these values in their children.
I believe in the US Constitution and that Presidential term limits are a good thing.
I believe in traveling to other countries and losing oneself in the culture. That there is no better way to see a city than to get lost in it... to walk its streets. (Staying out of the most dangerous parts, of course)
I believe in learning from history.
I believe the for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That we can not separate ourselves from the reaction if we are responsible for the original action.
I believe that the irrational actor theory is overused. That it is used in an attempt to justify behavior that does not follow the desires of another.
I believe that parents provide role models for children. That parents might want to take this a bit more seriously... including me!


brandy said...

Great list!! As a teacher I especially liked the part about believing teachers to be undervalued.. ;)

Bre said...

Very well done!

I'm really glad you took this up - great post!