09 May, 2007

It Started with a Sneeze

Mornings are never easy in my house. Take two people, both of whom are allergic to mornings, and throw them in 1300 square feet of space. One of these individuals is "very" aware of the time and that things need to get done. The other, well, time is not really a priority. And this, I hate to say it, is an environment ripe for passionate discussions. (I look forward to the day when we are able to get up and out of the house, timely, in silence!)

This morning things were a tad more complicated (which is never a good thing as mornings are complicated as is) The Diva was up early excited about her field trip.

Yesterday we discovered that she was to bring a "disposable" sack lunch. I found this a great piece of information to have the night before the field trip when there was not really time to ensure a healthy lunch that couldn't involve an ice pack. And a sack? Who uses paper? She has a great lunch box, which she couldn't use. She had a choice of bags: tiny brown J Crew bag (this would have been my choice), plastic grocery sack, or the pink striped Victoria's Secret sack. I am sure you can't guess which sack my little Diva chose!

This morning I packed her lunch in her Victoria's sack (after confirming a few times that "this is really the sack you want?"). I was ready to put sack and snack in her back pack when...

I sneezed.
I was at an awkward angle.
Every muscle in my upper back tensed.
Every muscle tightened.
I wasn't moving anywhere!

People who throw their backs tend to lay on solid, hard objects. Although I knew my back was still in tact and that this was purely a muscle thing, I decided to give it a try anyway. So I lay on the floor. The incident was just silly thus I was laughing. The Diva wanted to give me a back rub. I couldn't move.

I finally rolled onto my stomach. BIG mistake. At least on my back the muscles were supported and could, potentially relax. After I rolled onto my side, I was able to get up and get an aspirin hoping that it would help the muscles relax.

I sent the Diva upstairs to get ready for school only to find her, ten minutes later, in bed reading. *sigh* she is always reading, which is great but frustrating when we are trying to get out the door!

We made it out the door though, and a bit earlier than in the past few days. And I made it to work where my back is still a bit tight.

I tell the Diva sometimes that I am old. She will laugh and inform me that I am definitely not old. When I was her age, I did think that 37 was old (I think I did). I suppose that, in comparison to most of the parents in this area, I am truly not old. I don't act old. Sometimes, like this morning, I am reminded that although I am not "old" I am not young either. I don't remember having issues with my back in my 20's. But in my 20's I did not have a kid, a house, a job etc.

Given that the morning was so eventful, I had hoped to come into the office, pull together a report, and slide through the afternoon. Of course, that was not to happen. It is just one of those weeks.

My manager caught me coming off the elevator (sweaty and in shorts) and said... I need that product soonest. (okay, he was jovial about it but, that was his point). This is my product, my claim to fame. It is high profile and has been on the back burner for years. Suddenly it is a "big" deal.

So I treated myself to my favorite Italian sandals and a mocha and the writing of this - and now, it is off to organization and scheduling chaos!

And to think, the morning was fine until I sneezed!


Beth said...

First off, I love that you said that you are allergic to mornings! I think I might use that excuse the next time I don't want to get up on time and go to work! Lunch in a Victoria's Secret bag? Priceless! Sorry about your back. Although I have never thrown my back out by sneezing, I have thrown it out before. I feel your pain!

ruby said...

If it helps...I've thrown my back out by sneezing too...once when I was 19.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do that at least once a year. Not a fun trip to the DRs.

cathouse teri said...

Those damn sneezes will kill ya!

That's so funny. I recently told my daughter that I'm old and she laughed the same way, saying, "Mom, you are NOT old!" She's 22 and I'm 46.

When I told my youngest that I'll be fifty in just a few years, he just stared at me. Afer a long silence he said, "No way." And for about a week, he would run up to strangers when he was with me and say to them, "Look! Look at her! Does she look anywhere NEAR fifty??? I ask you!"

My kids are pretty darling. To them, I'll always be young and beautiful. (Just as my mother is to me.)

The Exception said...

Beth - the bag was a hit. She loved it. I think that the experience was made all the better when her "boy friend" (NOT) J came with the same bag! Yes, the mother sent a second grade boy with a Victoria's bag. The little boy had a huge issue with it when he realized what his mom had done. He tried to change the color with marker; which didn't work. He simply had a bad day.

Ruby and Miss - my back is still a bit tender along the spine, but nothing painful. Just a muscle thing. Those sneezes can do some damage though!
Teri - Sounds like our kids are all chips off the old block (or young block!)