24 August, 2007

Tell me About it... Stud

Do men have blog crushes?

Can they have such crushes when a woman does not post her assets (physical that is) on her site periodically?

Women, without doubt, have blog crushes. Being the less visual of the sexes (which doesn't mean that we don't like an attractive man) we tend to find ourselves attracted to personality, depth, sense of humor, and men who can communicate.

That is what the blog world is about - communication. Where better to find men that communicate, through writing, all the attributes that draw women.

Take a quick journey through the blog world. Visit a few men's sites - not the sport, sex, or electronic sites. You will find women - of all ages and from all countries, reading, commenting, flirting, and enjoying the writing of these guys.

Sight unseen, we are smitten.

However, I don't know that I can say the same about men.

I do know that a woman will usually see her readership increase drastically if she posts her "assets." This truly doesn't surprise me as men are visual beings who definitely enjoy a free look.

A friend of mine, as do many others I am sure, wanders the "casual Encounters" posts at Craig's List when bored. When something funny is found, I will receive the post. Interesting - men want "pictures" - they need to see what they are getting. Thinking that women like the same, they happily posts pictures of their assets for all to enjoy. They don't understand that we, as women, often don't find this a turn-on. (sometimes more like comic relief)

On the other hand, a well written, funny post (clever) is more likely to draw the attention of a woman. There is just something about a man, who expresses himself well, that is appealing. Perhaps it is the insight to the male psyche or that a sincere and expressive man is the exception rather than the norm.

Men, on the other hand, like to see more than they like to read/listen. For them, a picture, whether on screen or in person, is worth a thousand words.

So, are they drawn to the blog world and the women who do not post pictures of their assets? Can they find themselves attracted to those who write, painting pictures with words and posing questions and offering thoughts. Is some degree of sexual content required to hold a man's attention?

Speak up guys - Inquiring minds want to know!


Michael C said...

Yeah, I completely believe men can have them. I don't know that I personally would need to see a photo, it would be something in the writing that would get my attention.

Photos are always nice though.

Wombat said...

Ah, the secret world of blovers and blog crushes. Such a titillating topic, EO.

No doubt you are right about guys in general wanting the visual affirmation. For me, that's only interesting if her grammar and syntax get me hot and bothered in the first place.

You're spot on with your ideas about communication - some do it with words, some do it with pics, and some of us like a little of both.

TAG said...

"Is some degree of sexual content required to hold a man's attention?"

I'd say for most men to really get their attention, photo's and sexual content help. But getting attention and keeping attention are different things.

I can't speak for "most men". I've known for years that my views on many things were not the same as the views held by "most men". (No I'm not gay, or bi or submissive or anything like that.)

I've said for years that the most important sexual organ is the brain. Were I given the opportunity to have a relationship with one of the many ditsy "stars" of today, it wouldn't last long. (It will never happen and I'm certainly not perusing it.)

The affect of raw physical attraction wears off quickly. But with an intelligent woman, hell, the party can go on forever.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Scotty said...

Who is this stud you refer to?

Blog crushes? Of course.

Sight unseen, we are smitten.
Does this explain why I only have one male reader?

Is some degree of sexual content required to hold a man's attention?
For some, yes. For me, not necessarily.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if you are already interested in that person after reading a million words they have written... how much does that picture mean?

There are many good looking people in this world, but there are fewer than many that can keep my attention.

Mike said...

Like always. The visual may catch my eye, but it's what you write that will keep my attention. I don't need a breast shot although I'm not going to turn one down. I do like a face shot though. I like to know who I am entering this psuedo relationship with. Hope this answered your question.

Anonymous said...

ok, i need to know. who are all these great guy bloggers? where are they!? I want one!!!

Kathryn said...

sometimes the visual can completely ruin it, so why bother?

a brilliant mind, a wicked sense of humour and the ability to combine the two with a talent for the written word? makes me more than a little weak in the knees

cathouse teri said...

Gee, I wonder who the stud is that you refer to??

I think men can totally have blog crushes. Yes, they are more stimulated by visual things. But they are also stimulated by the visuals that words provide.

Men do sometimes tend to think that their assets have some impact. My response to that is, "Um... I've seen those before."

I had a funny encounter yesterday with a guy I went out with (briefly) a few years ago. Here is how our conversation on Yahoo Messenger went:

He: Hey, I hope we can hook up again!
Me: You know that isn't possible.
He: But you gave such good head!

(What the fuck is that? Is he trying to woo me?)

KennethSF said...

I don't know if it qualifies as blog crushes, but I've secretly admitted to myself (well, not that secret anymore, I guess) that, if given a chance, I'd go out on dates with some women whose blogs I regularly visit.

Through their writing, I've felt their heartaches, shared their anxieties, learned their quirks, and even met their eccentric families. It's a paradoxical kind of affection; it's cerebral intimacy, confined to the limitations of blog posts. But to have a real relationship would require physical contact (it's not possible to share a piece of Tiramisu with a string of HTML or French-kiss an LCD screen), hence the inevitable question: Am I attracted to her in person, and is she to me?

cathouse teri said...

I call it ethereal. Once you meet in person, that element is removed and whether or not that chemistry remains depends on how much your psyche relies on ethereal influences. And it's not likely you even know the answer to that.

cathouse teri said...

I just realized. I don't know that many female blogs that have this many male commenters. These guys must have seen your picture, Ms. E!

(I know that's why I am here!)

Memphis Steve said...

Yes, but it is probably less common for us.

Also, I've noticed the among the women bloggers, the most physically attractive ones that are also funny get as many female commentor and more than male bloggers. Some get 100 comments a post, which blows my mind. Anyway, it seems that female bloggers are also more drawn to funny, hot women's blogs, for whatever reason.

cathouse teri said...

Steve, you bad boy! Go to my room!

The Exception said...

Gentlemen, I do appreciate all your comments and thoughts! I will address each when I have a chance.

Scotty - the "Stud" is Danny in Grease! ;)

Teri - mum is the word on the picture!!! It was supposed to be a "secret." The worlds of the exception are not supposed to collide!

By the way Teri - That story was hilarious. I have heard men say similar things to me. I want to say "Is that the best you can do?!"

Steve - Steph is amazing! But I read her because she is hilarious and yet a real person - a young Teri!

Kathryn - Yeah, there are those guys that can melt me from five or thousands of miles away via their words. A picture often ruins it - so true.

Anan - These guys are all worth checking out!! I would add Fallen Scorpion to the list (see side bar) and you have a good start.

cathouse teri said...

Oh I was nothing like Steph when I was 26! I can't wait to see her in twenty!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, this is such a good post. But I shall remain coy. Plus I am female.

MrWriteNow said...

I'll speak for the male bloggers of the world. Yes, we have crushes.....

TxGambit said...

Ya know, I have wondered the same thing.

Scorpy said...

I have had some serious blog crushes (and still do) but like all crushes they are, usually, fleeting and it isn't the pics but the writing and the banter on comments that get me involved in their blog...I rarely talk via IM or googletalk etc. I have had MANY pics sent to me but that was all of their own volition. I have never garnered a woman's photo but gladly accepted them :P
The majority of my commenters are women as only have the two or three guys that feel sorry for me LOL
I'm sure you have a lot of bloglovers ;)

kapgar said...

One word... yes.

Ba Doozie said...

I'm sure a lot of men get blog crushes, you have some of those men here, right?

I don't have any blog crushes, because I'm afraid..

Gunfighter said...

What kapgar said.

...and teri has a blog crush on me.

Airam said...

Men say they have blog crushes but is it on the women who they've seen a photo of or a glimpse of what they look like???

I blog crush on a lot of male bloggers (that makes me sound like a whore) based purely on what they write. Can the EXACT same be said of a male blogger?

cathouse teri said...

It's true. I do. :)

Brings to mind the time a man asked me if I loved him and I said, "Of course I do." After a few moments of thought, he replied, "Well that doesn't really mean anything does it? I mean, you love everyone!"

I couldn't argue with him.

The Exception said...

MC, Wombat, TAG, Mike, Scotty - it is nice to know that men are enticed by a woman's writing/words etc. It is nice to know that you aren't all about the "assets" but that, if provided, those "assets" won't be refused! ;)

Kenneth - I confess, there are numerous men (and women) who I read and would like to meet over coffee, dinner, a walk in the park etc just to chat. There are some interesting people out here.
Doozie - Actually, I do have a few crushes - and believe that you have a few male admirers over at your place as well! I do have to get my daily dose of this and that blog!

(As Teri suggested, these guys must have seen my pictures as there is no other explanation for their sudden appearance on this post! ;) )

Scorpy - Me *blush* I am not sure what to think about that.

It is a strange feeling when a blog crush comes and goes just as a crush in the real world.

Women just send you their pictures?

Airam - A picture does go a long way though as these guys say, it is not necessary - which is nice to note.

GF - Thanks for stopping by - Teri does have a fan club over there!

AaroN said...

I find Brandy's (http://brainyjane22.wordpress.com/) writing extremely creative and witty. Even had I not known her appearance, I still feel compelled to meet her to see if she's half as entertaining in real life as she is on her blog. So, I guess you might say that I have a blog crush on her.

The Exception said...

Aaron - Brandy is fun. I can see that.