18 September, 2007

Man Your Battle Stations

Each Monday afternoon my office is invaded. 
Coworkers close their doors or prepare to spend the afternoon working at home. 
I attempt to get everything that requires concentration completed prior to the invasion. 
I try to keep my office as quiet as possible; attempt to focus; and keep the door firmly locked fully understanding that once 2:00 arrives, my work place will not be the same. 
Monday, in our school district, is "half day Monday" as I have lovingly (yeah right) dubbed it. 
This means that each Monday I leave my desk and rush to the bus stop (which I had changed so that it would be close to the office) to take responsibility for the Diva. 
We chat as we walk hand-in-hand back to the building.  We walk through the employee lobby, take the elevator up a few floors, and enter my office where I close the door as much as possible.  Each time I hope that she will find a book or settle down with this or that activity leaving those in the building wondering if she has arrived.
Alas, the Diva, by definition, is nothing but energy - especially when she is asked to inhabit a small office and stay quiet for more than a few hours.
And then, and only then, chaos ensues!
"Can I get a snack?"

"Can I go visit...?"

"I need to go to the bathroom."


Luckily she can do these things on her own as she has made my building/this floor a second home.  She has engaged in conversations about the Civil War with a retired Army Col; given ballet performances for some of the young women; played soccer in the halls; and entertained various other coworkers with her antics.   


She "creates" with lots of staples and scotch tape.  She hangs on my chair.  She sings songs from the "Sound of Music" in her best opera voice.  She is currently playing in a box and chatting as if she is a student at Hogwarts - a forth year of course as we are reading book 4.


It is a Diva invasion!


Tape, staples, paper, and coworkers are not safe!! 


I realize that, on such days, I should work from home but...


I want to share the love!  


JustRun said...

I think my office could benefit from a kid invasion once in a while, especially if there were ballet performances!
We do have plenty of staples and tape.

Princess Banter said...

Hahaha -- in my office, people tend to be protective of their staplers, scissors and highlighters. They just keep on disappearing! And the clincher is... there's like less than 20 ppl at work. Seriously... I want to tell all of them to get a life -- or their own stuff :P

Ryan said...

The first and last time I brought my daughter to work, 'they' politely asked me to "take her home"...

Like your daughter, she took decorating to a whole new level.

I thought it added a little something to the building. Apparently I was the only one that thought that.

Have the T-Shirt said...

I was never able to bring either of my boys to work with me because my job involves going 'out' to clients.

Poor me.

Anonymous said...

i love bringing my kids to work and they love coming...the girl i work with brought her two boys in earlier this year (2 & 4) and mate, they destroyed the place...god it was funny!...our accountant dropped by in the midst of it all and it totally freaked him out...now whenever i make an appointment with him, i have to assure him ****'s boys won't be here.

The Exception said...

Just Run - I think that it does some coworkers some good - but others... well, they aren't really thrilled.

Plenty of tape, staples, and a pair of scissors... I will send her your way!

Princess Banter - 20 people and things disappear? Interesting. I know why things disappear in my office... the end up on her little desk!

Ryan - Yeah, the creativity displayed in my office is something to behold and, well, some of it requires a discerning eye or a love of children to be fully appreciated! ;)

But what is an office without the art of a child!

T-Shirt - Good to see you again. I am not sure whether to feel sorry for you or not! Kids definitely make an impression.

Laughing Boy - Yeah, sometimes I think I need to do the same. I had to assure the aforementioned Army Col that she would be out of the office throughout the summer and give him a heads up as to her return date.

Scotty - I think that some of them, especially the women, enjoy it when she is around. One of the guys teases her and plays hide-and-seek, so I don't think he minds much either.

Aaron - me, do that to my coworkers? Never! ;)