26 August, 2008

Growing Pains

My daughter is just over 8 years old, not yet a tween, but not really a little girl either. She will enter the third grade in a matter of days, and we are both excited about the prospect. Until that point though, we are enjoying a relaxing few days pool side, running around town, seeing movies, and spending our time at home in our most comfy clothes. For her this means boxers... with or without a cami. For me, this is a wife beater shirt with boy shorts and no bra! I am truly living the life of leisure here and am enjoying every bit of it!

I wonder though if my days enjoying such leisure and comfort are numbered?

A friend of mine has a daughter who is entering seventh grade. She is thrilled about wearing "Junior" clothes, closes her door for privacy, and has entered an age that I remember well - the age where it is no longer cool to hang with your parents!

Okay, it can be okay to be with your parents, but sometimes your parents do things that absolutely, without question, annoy or embarrass you to death. The kind of embarrassment that only parents can provide by being themselves!

Oh... how I remember this age.

My friend actually asked his daughter if he did anything that she found to be annoying. Her answer, no... but it is only a matter of time I am sure. My parents never would have even considered doing that. They felt that my embarrassment was something for me to come to terms with. Which I, in time, did.

But I still remember the little things that annoyed me then. Like my mom running around in her under things! She also didn't close the bathroom door while showering. My parents refused to not come to football or basketball games when I was a cheerleader even though I really didn't want them there. Annoying!!

After talking to my friend, I realized that there is a strong possibility that I will soon be doing things that annoy my daughter.

Even though she already thinks that I think I am the funniest person in the world (which annoys her to no end), I am sure that she will become very aware of other things I do that will drive her crazy.

Will she suddenly decide that we have to shut all the shades in the house all, the, time so that people won't see in?

Will she declare that I can no longer break into song whenever the spirit moves me?

Or will she, and this I fear the most, decide that I embarrass her when I run around the house in my t-shirt and boy shorts during the summer months!

A few weeks ago, on one of our hottest summer days, she asked "Why don't you wear your hipsters and your t-shirt anymore?"

I looked at her and then looked down at my bottoms...

"Oh," she said and happily skipped away.

perhaps I have nothing to worry about. Perhaps my running around, shades, up, breaking into song, wearing next to nothing is just a normal day in her world.


JustRun said...

If that doesn't embarrass her, something else will. It will be both unavoidable and funny only years from now.
It's a right of passage, and I know you know this. :)

T said...

Hey, at least you're wearing clothes. I am a fan of being naked. My kids seem to be ok.. so far.

Eek. Scary thought that they will be too embarrassed about me at some point. *sigh* I guess that's a big part of becoming independent unfortunately...

Anonymous said...

My son has now stopped letting me kiss him in front of his friends and its rather sad!!!

This growing up this is hard man!!!

dadshouse said...

You and your daughter sound great together! I don't think you're embarrassing her yet. Just keep being you. My kids are 12 and 16, and I try to only be dorky when we're in the privacy of our home, that way I don't embarrass them in public. But it is important, I think, for parents to be dorky sometimes. Show your kids you have your own unique way of doing things and don't give a damn what others think. Even if it's just singing in your kitchen or lounging in clothes that don't match (a favorite of mine)

The Exception said...

JR - Oh, I know it will be something - I am after all, weird! (and proud of it)

T - Yes, part of growing up. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do the nude thing too! There is nothing like checking e-mail first thing out of the shower before she wakes up (or even after she is awake). The guys across the way probably have seen more of me than most!

Harassed - It is hard when they grow up... it was hard growing up and now, as a parent, we are doing it all over again just from a different perspective!

DH - Oh no, now my image of you always dressed to the 9's or in cycling gear is ruined... seriously, you, mismatched clothes... *sigh* (sound of bubble bursting) ;)

teahouse said...

Hahahaha..that's cute. I think everyone goes through the phase of being annoyed by their parents. But that's it - just a phase. It's like fighting with your siblings over things when you're a kid. If you just stay in her life and love her, she'll get past it.