12 August, 2008

It's Big, It's Green, and It's All Mine!

"She wants green"
"I want something durable and long lasting; something that will keep up with her."
"Try this," the woman pulls down a green bike.  What looks to me to be a very big bike.
We walked into the store on Saturday on a whim.  I just wanted to look.  I should know myself better than this.  I should know or admit to myself that I never go into a store just to look.  If I am going in, I am ready to buy.  I have made up my mind to do it. 
And so, when I walked out of the shop with a new green, durable, and long lasting bike, I was not surprised. 
What did surprise me though is how much I missed the feel of riding; how I didn't realize that I missed it until I felt the wheels beneath me and the wind rushing toward me.  Oh, how I loved riding my bike!
I do love this bike, but there are a lot of things I have to figure out.  Like the gears!  I mean, I have so many gears now and yet have no idea when and where to change them.  I understand the theory behind them but do I seriously need all of them?
And the seat - was the seat always this uncomfortable when I first get back on or is that age or is it that they really have not improved seat technology despite the advances in frame and mechanics?
I also didn't recall the mental concentration required in riding.  Or perhaps that is being a mom riding with a child that thinks it is fun to weave back and forth across the road as if she is avoiding cones and obstacles.  
And hills... oh how I used to fly down hills at high speeds - not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when I could return to the top without stopping.  Now I long for the straights; I dream about riding across the plains, coastlines, and the deserts; wide open spaces without a car or a hill insight!  I mean, honestly, I live in Virginia not San Francisco - who would have believed there are this many hills!  (Just for the record, I love the hills of San Francisco and never practiced Hill Avoidance when walking but... I can't imagine doing them on my bike!)
"This part is fun" my daughter tells me as she flies down the hill behind our house - crossing the creek and ducking through the trees.  
Yes, it is fun - high speeds, coasting, wind blowing against my face and hitting my helmet (which doesn't work well with long, thick hair and ponytails) but it isn't as great as I remember it.  Now I like the feeling of my legs as the muscles work.  I prefer the movement to the coasting and the pedaling seems more relaxing - as if it soothes my mind or something.  Perhaps it is that I am so accustomed to walking that my mind likes the feeling of muscles working like babies find relaxation in the motion of a car or a stroller.  
Bottom line, I love my new bike!  I love it in ways that I didn't know existed when I was a kid.  My body feels more alive.  Even though I have only had the bike for a few days, I am looking forward to finding a nice trail to ride and even exploring the neighborhood in green, multi-geared style.           


T said...

YAY!!!! I love cycling!!!! Isn't it the best?? When I go cycling and I get going on a long open road, I actually squeal out loud like a child! I can't even help it. Its so much fun.

Hooray that the Diva can do it with you! I can't wait til my daughters are riding with me. Good for you.

P.S. TIS = time in the saddle. You'll get used to the seat eventually! Bike shorts help!

dadshouse said...

I agree - hooray! I love love love cycling. I ride as often as I can, for as long as I can. Cycling makes me feel great - physically, emotionally, spiritually. It clears my head. And it certainly doesn't hurt where my abs are concerned.

Kathryn said...

there are some fabulsou bike shorts that don't look like "bike shorts" that will help wth the seat issue - have fun with your new wheels!!

The Exception said...

T - I love riding with my daughter. If I could just get her to ride... straight!

DH - I have great aspirations. The WOD Trail is so near and yet... so far!

Kathryn - Me thinks a shopping venture is required!

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Boy - I am glad to read that another loves their bike. As opposed to just saying that they have a bike.

Hope the best for you and the daugther to make sure the bikes get ridden and not collect dust.

The Fallen Athlete

Mr. C