14 August, 2008


Yesterday I laughed and chatted with one Crazy Computer Dad.  Due to scheduling and location, we were unable to meet this trip, but we spent a bit talking on the phone.  I enjoyed talking to him; definitely a highlight to the day!  Our conversation ran the gamut, but one topic touched upon was the metro and people watching, and wondering...
Does anyone else find themselves wondering about those they see in the every day world or about those they read about via the internet?  This happens to me every once in a while.  I just wonder about a person's thoughts, what makes them laugh, whether they double dip, whether they hold the door open for others, what they do in their homes when they are alone, about their dreams and aspirations...I just find myself wondering...
Is the island really that beautiful?  Does she really have that many pair of flip flops?  Where does she come up with those changing quotes on her refrigerator and header?  What book is he reading how?  Is he doing any more remodeling?  Where will the next Geocaching treasure be? 
Little glimpses, tiny pieces of a person's life shared.  Most of the time, I don't ever expect to have answers to my questions.  But, it doesn't stop me from wondering. 
I wonder how people sound a lot.  Does he have a deep voice?  Is her voice hi or breathy?  Does she try and lower her voice to be more professional?  Does he sound like he looks? 
I wonder what people are thinking - Are they happy with where they are professionally?  Are they happy in general?  Do they care that the tag is sticking out of the back of their shirt?
There is a man around here who captivates me with his hands.  I mean, every once in a while I wonder how they would feel against my skin.  It is silly as I have felt his touch, but never skin on skin.  I wonder how that would be?
Some of the women I read - I mean how do they write like that?  How do they come up with those words, those images, those ideas?  How can they express themselves so well in that format? 
And there is a guy out here, in blog land, with whom I have never spoken, that intrigues me in many ways but a few days ago, I found myself considering how he might kiss.  Seriously, like I am ever going to find out, but it wasn't how he moved or how he laughed or the way his mind worked (all of which are normal curiosities of mine) but how he would kiss.  I wonder why? 
Then there is creativity - which fascinates me - it illustrates the way the mind works and can be seen in so many places in so many forms.  The way people write, express themselves visually and verbally, the way they work with their kids or other people, the way they see the world... And this doesn't include the people who can create recipes or bring dreams into reality.  I always find myself wondering just how they do it?
A lot of times I wonder about parents - single parents most of all.  How do they deal with certain issues?  How do they find the energy?  When do they find the time to do the things that they do?
I wonder about people and their motivations, their inspirations, and how we can all have similarities and yet be so vastly different?
The little glimpses we have of people, whether it be in Starbucks or the grocery store or online, allow us to see a tiny piece of a vastly big puzzle.  And I like puzzles!  More, I love the way people think and laugh and touch.  I love the way they interact with others and with themselves.  Is that barista really such a flirt or is this his persona  at work? 
I just wonder...?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely have wondered so many of the same things -- especially the motivations and inspirations part!

I recently spoke on the phone with a fellow blogger who I had exchanged tons of comments/emails with. I was so surprised because she sounded nothing like what I'd expected her to...and she said the same of me!

Glad to have found you through CrazyComputerDad and look forward to reading more!

dadshouse said...

And here us guys simply wonder what you women look like naked... Just kidding! (I can never resist a humorous poke)

I often look at people at try to read their emotional state and spiritual energy. Sometimes I'll give a compassionate smile and see if I can crack a grin, get them out of their thoughts. I don't wonder so much about the physical, visceral touches and sounds. More the undercurrent of energy. It's fascinating what we each hone in on.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Love this post! Your questions are right-on.

But, hey, didn't you intrigue Crazy Computer Dad so intensely... that he ran out of gas? Literally. So sweet.

The Exception said...
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The Exception said...

Bright Side - Welcome and Hello! I am looking forward to reading your site - I like what I have read thus far!

It is funny how people either fit our perceptions or expectations or... they just don't!

DH - The real thing is always better than anything we can envisioned - at least that holds true for the men who decide to imagine what I look like without clothes! Of course, this doesn't keep men from doing it...

It is interesting to see what people do when a smile is thrown their way - will they respond? It surprises me when people don't respond at all.

SMS - Shhh... If I could only believe that I am so captivating! It was a great conversation, and I hope to actually meet him, but I thought it was awesome that he called back to let me know he was okay. It would have bothered me not knowing what happened! Thanks CCD for that!!

T said...

I can't wait for you and CCD to meet. It is an odd feeling... meeting a fellow blogger for the first time. You do wonder what they'll be like and yet on some level, you already know them. I would imagine it's like meeting someone when they've already seen you naked. Ha!

Yeah, no matter how we try, we will always have expectations of people. And they will have them too. That's why its fun to watch our kids see things for the first time. That innocence is interesting to witness, isn't it?

The Exception said...

T - I love trying to see things as my daughter sees them - or even just attempting to see things differently. Key is to try and remain open minded enough to not allow perceptions to color the reality!

I will keep you posted! ;)