26 September, 2008

A Venture into the Red Light District

I learn so much about so many different things from men.  I mean, if I need an off the wall question answered, I know I can pick up the phone, call a man and... question answered.  If I feel myself becoming too serious, I can count on a man to remind me that it is important to be a kid sometimes and have fun - that life doesn't have to be so serious all the time.  and when it comes to sex, the things I learn from men astound me. 
I had an e-mail from a friend a few weeks ago asking if women really squirt.  Apparently he thought that this was just something that happened in the movies - that Hollywood magic I suppose.  I assured him that women really can squirt and was actually pretty thrilled that I could teach a man something on the subject as it is usually the other way around. 
From men I have learned so many things - sometimes via personal experience and sometimes with friends just through conversation.  I mean, the basket hanging form the ceiling thing... seriously, that one boggles my mind still, but I learned about it from a guy. 
Of course, one of the questions that is usually asked - What is your favorite position? 
Do people actually have a favorite?  I mean, seriously, how can you choose?  There are just so many that work in different ways and with different people and fit different moods.  On the bottom, on top, standing up, sitting down, from behind...I like them each for different reasons, but I am well aware that there are so many I have yet to try - who knows, one of those unexplored variations might blow my mind and provide me with an answer to this question!
I remember sitting in a bar on Chestnut street in San Francisco talking to a guy a few years younger than myself.  Sex, as often happens, became the topic of choice.  The question was posed, which did the guy prefer - penetration, oral, or giving oral?  His answer, the second.  He preferred receiving oral to anything else.  In all honesty, his answer surprised me.  Naively perhaps, I had always believed that people would prefer penetration above and beyond everything else.  Never fear, he was quizzed as to his preference.  Something about warmth and suction and tongue motions...
I am the first to admit that a master of the Kama Sutra I am not.  I have much to learn about the pleasure of the flesh and am both an avid and enthusiastic student.  I considered recently what my response would have been had I been asked the same question - which of the three I prefer.  With so much room for creativity and innovation; with the diversity of skills of the partner; and the infusion of chemistry, choosing one of the three is something I find as impossible as picking a favorite position. 
What about you - preferences?  Favorite position? 


T said...

Girl!!! Girl girl GIRL!!

I agree. Its a tough choice. It depends on the guy, the size, the way the guy works it... I've always enjoyed it from behind as my g-spot is more likely to be stimulated. But my goodness, I love morning spooning sex. I love being on top. I love giving oral... I thought most men enjoyed receiving oral than penetration and then I was having a conversation the other night with Pickle Boy (yes, we're speaking again)... he said he prefers penetration because he feels bad if a woman doesn't enjoy giving head. He said, "If you enjoy it, please let us know somehow so we don't feel so bad about it." Ha! That was a new one!

I agree with you... there are too many factors to choose just one. I say let's just keep on trying all of them!! Woohoo!

mama llama said...

That usually highly depends on the mood...but penetration rocks. The greatest for me was being pushed up against a corner of the room, standing, wildly stimulated from behind and then penetrated in mind-blowing sex...and it was completely spontaneous. Trying to reproduce that in the same way would never again work--it is all part of the magic and the fun.

Mmmm...delicious thoughts and memories. Must go take shower (ha! no, just back from the gym, nothing THAT good!)

Be well, TE.

Mike said...

Penetration and the position depends on way too much. Mood, time, person, place, etc. The list is endless as are the choices.

TAG said...

This may be a bit like asking a man dying of thirst what flavor water he wants.

If one is in a stable, regular relationship I'm sure favorite things might reveal themselves.

If one doesn't get to enjoy the company of a partner very often they'll no doubt like any and everything.

My main goal has always been to do such a great job pleasing my partner that an open invitation for repeat performance is assured. I guess I'm selfish like that.


Anonymous said...

It is totally dependant on the guy and the moment.

From behind would have to be on top of my list but I have only been a few men who can get this right.

Having said that being with soccer boy has opened my eyes to the world of different positions.

I love giving oral and most guys seem to actually prefer this if you are keen!

cathouse teri said...

I'm with T on this. She said it all exactly. Although I don't have a "Pickle Boy." Other than that, I agree almost verbatim. ;)

dadshouse said...

I love going down on a woman. When a woman has multiple orgasms, it raises the sexual chemistry for both. It's sort of tantric goddess worship in that respect.

As for positions - doggie style rocks. Is it time to leak the URL to my secret youtube account?

(kidding! :-)

Edgar said...

As the old adage goes - for a gentleman, a lady always comes first. And second. And third...

I share Dadshouse' delight at the mysticism of the multiple O - the tantric meditation. But, like T and Teri say, there are just so many fun ways to get there that it's hard to choose. Kind of like saying - what's your favorite music or favorite ice cream? While I love using licks and caresses of all those important spots to make my lover happy, it's hard to beat reaching that state of ecstacy together, wrapped in each other's arms, looking into each other's eyes...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I like the new look!!

I like to be on top, with my legs closed as if I were the guy. Interesting position, but it hits just the spot ;)

justrun said...

That's sort of like saying what's your favorite ice cream? The point in choosing would be... ?

ANYWAY, probably a good thing I can't read the blog at work. :)

Hope you're doing well!