27 October, 2008

Where to Begin

It is one of those Mondays; the Mondays that find me reeling from the weekend and not sure where to begin or how to begin or what really needs to be done first!

Thus, there is no post for today!!

That’s right; this is the extent of today’s post!!

Okay, well there is this. I asked a friend what I should be for Halloween, were I to dress up that is. He responded (and there is no chemistry here, let me just state that for the record) Elvira.


I am still trying to figure out why he picked Elvira!! Any ideas?

I spent the weekend running around, doing ballet work, and meeting family – family never met and family not seen in decades. I laughed until I cried as my dad’s first cousin is so wonderfully funny and quick and so much like my dad. The Diva cried when we had to leave as she so wanted to stay and play more.

I have more to tell on this topic – I actually have more to write about on many topics and am eager to do it. But first, I need to catch my breath, settle, and drink my mocha!

And I need to get out and take some pictures of the leaves before they disappear completely. SO much brilliant color appeared over the weekend. It is amazing what a little rain can do.

Happy Monday Everyone!


liz said...

Elvira? REALLY? No...wouldn't have guessed that one.

Glad y'all had a good weekend and Happy Monday indeed!

Scotty said...

I second the Elvira vote.

Please Post Pics.

mama llama said...

Ha. That is funny.

I could never do the Elvira thing. Not enough natural, um, shaping.

I'm always a witch. Close match to my natural personality. Nobody can mess with my hat. Period. It is a GREAT hat.

Glad to see you're taking a Monday off!! Be well, Elvira...oh, oops, meant TE.

dadshouse said...

Wait, you said you didn't have a post, then you did a post. And a post that has me thinking about Elvira's falsies, no less!

The Exception said...

Liz - I can't see it either, but... whatever!

Scotty - NO pictures!

ML - I do have those curves. Your outift sounds fabulous - do you have pictures?

DH - Mine are definitely not false - and I have the Elvira dress that illustrates that, but it is for work, not for play!

Aaron said...

pix plz!

The Exception said...

No pictures!!! (You guys know I don't "post" pictures)

Scotty said...

Now's a good time to start! :)

justrun said...

Fun fact: My mother and Elvira went to the same high school.
So there ya go.

Vinnie Sorce said...

I like Elvira, great idea! :-)

Vinnie Sorce said...

I like the Elvira idea!

KennethSF said...

I think posing as Elvira requires a well-endowed body. I've never met you or seen what you look like, but I think you ought to take that as a compliment.

Lad Litter said...

Cassandra Petersen, eh? That's the actress who played Elvira. Yep, pics please.

Scotty said...

I like how everyone agrees with the Please Post Pics idea :)

Jump on the train!

The Exception said...

JR - That is really cool!!

Kenneth - Complement indeed!!

Everyone else - I do not post pictures!! (But I might post something on Friday... you know, just because and all) I don't have her look but I have her cleavage... or maybe.