12 December, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

I am running behind this year.  Okay, that is putting it mildly, I am so far behind in my shopping that it isn’t even funny.  Not only am I behind, but I have no idea what to give for gifts this year.  I have ideas, kind of, but nothing is carved in stone.  Nothing is calling out “Buy me for …!”

One of the greatest challenges, and yet the most fun as well, is finding the little things to make a fun stocking.  You know the little something’s that fit into that piece of cloth that hangs before the fire?  That hallmark of American consumerism at its finest?  The gifts from… Santa!

My daughter is fortunate in that she has two stockings.  Santa appears at her house in Virginia and at my grandparent’s house where we spend Christmas.  While her Virginia Santa brings fun little chocolates, her Arizona Santa brings surprises.  She is never quite sure which house will provide the one item she requests each year – and yes, unlike her mother who had a huge Santa list; my Diva picks one item to request from Santa.  One item for Christmas and her birthday.  I am not sure if it is because she wants for very little or because she wants to ensure that she receives that item… whatever the case, it makes shopping for her both challenging and fun.

This year she has a big gift, a few home made gifts, and then her requested gift.  She may get a foreign gift and, of course, her footed pajamas.  What is Christmas without a new set of pajamas!!  Not to mention, my kid loves to come home and slip into some footed pajamas and snuggle in for the night. 

And in the stocking… what can we do for that stocking??

Books are always a must over the holidays.  She saw the Harry Potter 20 questions game – so that might be fitting.  Pencils are always great for the stocking as Santa knows that she loses her pencils constantly.  A few dance related tiny items… and perhaps some fun soaps or bath salts?  My kid loves her bath! (We are both real lushes!)  We expect her to start pointe in the spring as well, which will mean tired feet in need of relaxation. 

So here are the questions - 

What are some fun, small gifts?  The kind given for Chanukah or as stocking stuffers?

What were your favorite tiny gifts as a child or what did you always find in your stocking?


mama llama said...

That's a good question, as I am not a good gift-giver for any aged-receiver. For adults, I'd say a couple lottery tickets are fun stocking stuffers. For kids...?

And I call myself a mother?

I just don't enjoy the whole gift-race unless there is something specific I have in mind or have been told is needed-wanted-desired. My kids love pens, cool paper to fold paper airplanes with, activity books of different kinds and anything musical. Science. That kind of stuff. They are both getting a music box this year...not a box per se but a knick knack that winds up and plays music (we still do not do batteries...don't know how much longer I can stave that off).

I look forward to reading what Santa decides to bring to your Diva!

Be well, TE.

Scotty said...

I dont think we got SUPER cool stocking gifts. I remember getting candy, toothbrushes, rubiks cube... umm.. tiny stuff.

Ooo.. maybe some sort of ballet themed paper to write on?

Oh, and I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either...

dadshouse said...

Nice new font!

I haven't even started my xmas shopping. Things to do this weekend! My daughter is like your diva - asks for one thing to ensure she gets it. Except she asks me for one thing, and asks at her mom's house for a different thing, then she gets both.

Vinnie Sorce said...

I'm all done, not all wrapped though. I had to finish early because of my surgery.

Have the T-shirt said...

My kids always get a Lifesaver Christmas Storybook, you know the tacky cardboard fake book that holds rolls of Lifesavers. They get that because I always got one in my stocking.

And guess what?! This year when I bought the storybooks, instead of having both sides of the book filled with lifesavers, the left hand side is now just a flap and only the right hand side of the book has lifesavers. Pissed me off ALMOST enough to stop the tradition!

My kids also get chocolate gold coins each year.

And just like when I was a kid, my kids get a toothbrush and toothpaste in their stocking (I guess to offset all that candy!?)

They also might find a keyring, new gloves, gum, a new comb, chapstick, etc.

If I had a daughter, she'd probably find barettes and clips etc in her stocking?

I know one thing. Filling a kid's stocking can cost a pretty penny.