27 January, 2009

The Mobile Device Blues

We all know it, the sound of a vibrating phone or mobile device.  It is everywhere at all hours, night and day.  This sound connects us to the… office?  World?  The life we have when we are not where we are at the moment doing what we are doing?

I dislike this sound.  It is not that I dislike mobile devices or phones, as they are nice to have around.  I am a fan of the school being able to contact me anywhere should I be needed.  If I am out and about and something happens, I find a sense of comfort in knowing that I can get help with the push of a button or two.  The ease of information flow and communication… definitely like that too.  I like keeping in touch with friends all over the area, state, country, and world.  And who doesn’t like the flirty texts or those that just say hi… but those flirty texts are so much fun! 

But… I dislike the interruption that is created by these devices.

I sat chatting to a dad at ballet.  We laugh and talk about loads of different things as we wait for our daughters to finish their ballet classes.  My phone rang. 

“You can take that if you like.”

“No, its fine, she’s in there so we are good.”

“It’s okay, you know.”

I wanted to tell him, no it isn’t.  I wanted to say that I am sitting here having a conversation with you.  It is not okay for me to interrupt that conversation and have another one.  I can call that person back – but mostly, I am in the midst of a conversation with you.  I don’t allow my daughter to interrupt a conversation unless it is REALLY important; I am not going to allow my phone to do it either. 

I know weird, right?  I mean how many people ignore their phones or mobile devices? 

My mom can be anywhere doing anything – out to dinner, in her office, sitting at home, in the midst of a conversation – and she will answer her phone and engage in a conversation.  It used to drive my dad crazy until he found himself doing the same thing.  Now they are high tech people having mobile conversations while eating dinner out.  It is a family thing though as my cousin sat at a large family dinner texting his daughter. 

For the most part, I can deal with the mobile devices.  .  You need to be at your child’s school event, but you really need to take this business call too.  Okay, so a business e-mail rolls in while you are cooking dinner that requires your attention or your son needs help with the mustang he is restoring at, that, very, moment.  I get it.  It is all good. 

Our phones and mobile devices are everywhere.  We love them.  I mean, what would life and work be without them?  Imagine that the customer or client had to wait until Monday before reaching you to do a project?  Or, picture it, laughing and chatting with friends over wine without it ever entering your mind that there are definitely 10 v-mail and 50 e-mail demanding your attention on something that must be completed, now!  Or, remember when a couple used to be able to enjoy an intimate moment and the after glow? 

Yeah, remember those days?  The latter is the one I don’t understand. There are those who check e-mail and voice mail in the midst of the after glow

No, that is one I don’t understand.  It is not okay.  Buzz kill in huge, glowing, neon letters.  It is like stepping into an ice cold shower.  It just, simply put sucks.

Yes, I am a fan of modern technology – I am also a fan of living in the moment and enjoying the company of others, and leaving work for the work week when at all possible.  There are simply some places and moments where mobile devices aren’t welcome – or at least they aren’t welcome with me.


MindyMom said...

Maybe I'm rare, but like you I actually do ignore incoming calls while dining out or conversing with someone - as long as it's not one of my kids. I have tried to impress upon them not to call or text while I'm away unless they absolutely need me for something. Still working on that one but the idea is to keep them from needlessly interrupting me and whomever I'm with.

dadshouse said...

Good for you, for ignoring that call! Whenever I go on a date or meet someone out, I turn my mobile ringtone off. I hate being interrupted mid-conversa... hang on, cell phone is ringing...

(just kidding)

Good for you. Just say NO to answering every cell phone call.

L said...

Ugh, I very much agree! And, really, nothing says "I'm NOT into you" more than answering the phone in an intimate moment.

Scotty said...

Mine is always on vibrate. Different buzz'z for different things (email, text, call). I regularly ignore it on purpose.

Unless of course, its a flirty text ;)