05 January, 2009

So This is a New Year...

For the last two weeks I have been on vacation.  For the last two weeks I have spent lots of time in a car, munching on this and that, and attempting to ignore the large quantities of noise. 

For the last two weeks I have spent time with family and a few hours with a few friends.  I have checked in with work and found myself thrilled that I was not in the office… well, that was until I returned to the office today to find the world quite (read extremely) different than that which I left. 

I have now spent hours on the phone with California attempting to figure out why this and that aren’t working on my computer. 

I have learned that I have a 19 January deadline for a project that had no deadline when I left two weeks ago.

I have been in meetings and talking to people since I opened my office door.  

This is not what I expected or desired.  This is not the entry into my work for the New Year was meant to be.  

I am rushed, busy, crashing and burning.  

I am out of sorts.

I just returned from “vacation” and have the desire to take another.  

2009 has to be better than this.     


KennethSF said...

Hang in there! My motto with Mondays is, "Just survive"--this is especially true for the first Monday or the year.

justrun said...

It was definitely an all-around Monday today. It's not just you, if that makes you feel any better.
I know, not so much.

Laura said...

First days back are always a little rough!!

Sure it will all settle!!

Good luck though!

The Exception said...

KS - It was a hard Monday - I hope it isn't a sign that the year will follow suit!

JR - Thanks... it did help!

Laura - I survived but not well!