02 February, 2009

BBB - Bad Blogger Blues

I remember the days when I had wonderful and witty comments full of incite and humor that I would happily leave on every blog I read.  No one was spared from my thoughts.

*sigh* those were the days...

Now, I read. oh how I read what everyone is writing and saying and doing and thinking.  I add more blogs to my reader and love starting each morning with my door closed and my reader open.

I read.  I ingest.  I enjoy.  I think of things I could say.  I have thoughts and am inspired to write on this and that myself, but. I rarely comment.

For example - MindyMom is a new reader and a new entry in my reader.  I enjoy her thoughtful posts and her questions.  And yet. I don't comment often if ever. 

I used to regularly comment on Just Run as soon as I read her posts.  Now I read them and love them and then. well, after she has posted a few times I comment all at once.

Mamma Llama has posted on wonderful comments by her daughter, her husband going overseas, and her experience and insight during the Obama week. and oh, how I thought things and comments; and yet, I have yet to comment or even drop her an e-mail. and she is kind of my neighbor!! 

And T, well, what can one say about T as she always has stuff going on!! 

There is always something going on at Dad’s House - like sexy text messages that can’t be ignored, and recipes, and women…While others comment and discuss, I am out of the loop doing my own thing and wondering what is going on. 

Scotty is in India, Kenneth is discovering magic in life and the tango,  and Scorpy is as sexy as usual - I have neglected to comment on any of them of late. 

Aaron is more prolific than ever and Liz. what a friend Liz has been even though she hardly knows me.

Yet here I sit, not commenting. 

Here I sit reading and enjoying all that is written - reading and loving the comments that are left - and yet I am not leaving comments of my own.

Perhaps it is all that "stuff" that has been happening around here.  Perhaps it is that I have actually been busy at work and had little time at home?  More likely it is that I am a person who is a tad lazy in the winter months.  I am a bear of sorts who craves a degree of hibernation as the days are short, the air is cold, and the sun doesn't make many appearances.  I want nothing more than to zone out (a type of hibernation) or grab a quilt and a book or to lounge in a wonderful warm bath.  It is my way of making it through the winter - it is the way this Arizonan deals with the lack of sun and vivid blue skies.  Of late, I have even taken to eating a bit too much chocolate - but that is more the dentist blues over the winter. honestly. or so I keep telling myself!

But now the days are lengthening - or so the lightening of my morning shower suggests and the dentist trips are nearly complete (and the patient is surviving fabulously!)  I have a few more weeks (read months) to go before I will emerge completely from my virtual cave and return to my normal witty self.

Until then, thank you to everyone who starts my morning with their wonderful writing and thoughts and stories and visions of places to visit.  There is nothing I like more than to start the day with my reader and a hot cup of tea.  Thank you for your comments as they are much appreciated and I read each.

I will be back to leave comments.  I know that with the first blades of grass and the first signs of the late winter flowers, I will be revitalized.  Enjoy my silence while you can!    (It is funny how some of us, like me, do a bit of hibernating during the winter.  I just can't imagine living in Alaska. Though I have been spending lots of time with Northern Exposure of late.  Perhaps it leaves me feeling a bit better!)






Scotty said...

Eh, we all get in the same little moods :)

T said...

I hibernate in winter too. Though apparently, it seems like I always have something going on! Ha!

Tis ok, TE. We know you still love us!!!


MindyMom said...

Thanks for the link love. Glad to know you are reading and enjoying.

My chocolate peanut butter cup recipe is a great picker upper for winter blues! It's posted on "When Your Sex Life Hits a Dry Spell" Check it out if you haven't already.

Mike said...

Hey it's the roller coaster we call life. However the more you interact with life the more life interacts with you.

mama llama said...

You know, TE, the winter can bring out the absolute worst in all of us. As long as you are in my reader, you will be read. And heavens knows I am not commenting as much as I'd like, either. Hibernation, multi-tasking, avoidance--whatever we call it, it happens, then we come back. And it's all good.

That's what marks friendships from merely ships passing in the night.

Hang in there...sounds like we need another coffee date, and STAT!

Be well, TE.

dadshouse said...

Thanks for the link love, and enjoy your hibernation! (If a hibernation can be enjoyed) I'm glad to know you enjoy reading our blogs. And I do enjoy your comments on mine, but understand that sometimes you're in read only mode. No worries. Thanks for this note, though!

Aaron said...


Nah... just had a rash of new material worth discussing.