10 February, 2009

A New Cougar in Town?

"I didn't know you were into younger guys" came across my e-mail last week from a graduate school friend.  I love these off the wall e-mail at work.  To think, this old friend took time out of his day chasing the bad guys to wonder about my flirtations…?!

"I am not into younger guys, just this one."  I responded

"What is it about this one?”


Ah… chemistry, the great X factor – the unknown variable that comes into play at the most odd of times.

I am usually drawn to men slightly older than myself due to maturity, confidence, and experience.  Or maybe it is simply that I usually feel chemistry with these men and they happen to be older.

There are occasions though when, to be honest, I notice younger men.   

For whatever reason they catch my attention.  It could be the waiter at Red Robin or the guy standing next to me in a cafe in Foggy Bottom or the young coworker with the cute glasses and we won’t even talk about all the baseball players in Omaha while I was there last June… *swoon*  

I am not sure what it is that draws my attention, but it is drawn and I catch myself looking, checking out, and even flirting should the chance arise.

I never realized this exactly until I commented to a statement made by a former classmate.  He thought it was kind of funny that I had cougar leanings or thoughts.

Me, a cougar?  Wait a minute…

And then I thought about what I had stated and what I just stated and... Wow... am I a cougar?  Seriously?  Now that I am nearing 40, am I becoming a cougar?

The same guy explained briefly that I am too young to be a cougar, which honestly confused me all the more.  Is there an age at which one can wear the cougar label?  Do I have to be say... 40 or 42...? Or maybe it is 45 before I am considered a cougar when I glance at or am attracted to a younger man?  And how young does said man have to be for me to be a cougar?

But to make the matter that much more confusing, I then wondered what men are called?  Women are cougars, so what is a man called when he dates or is attracted to a younger woman?  Is there ever a term for him as there is for the woman?  (And there is for the woman if she is the youngest of the pair or if she is the older, ever notice that?)

The man is, of course,  probably considered a "stud"

While the woman would be a cougar

But then again, who knows.  It is all somewhat confusing and mind boggling.  All these labels and terms and definitions when the truth is that chemistry is chemistry and love is love and age doesn't really come in to play in either case!



Mike said...

To be an actual "cougar" you have to 35 or older and he has to be 25 or under.

mama llama said...

Okay. I like Mike.
And I love that definition.

I have been told by many over 40 that they feel more cougar-esque (in many different words), now more than ever.

Should this be something I look forward to, or dread? Honestly, the pushing 37 year old me is not entirely sure.

Be well, TE.

dadshouse said...

I picture a cougar as being over 35, and only willing to date younger men. Preying on them, in fact.

As for men - in France, they take a man's age, divide by two, add seven, and that's the age of his lover.

I'm in my 40s, and have employed this technique with outstanding results. It really does work. My age and experience, her young hot body and raw energy. A perfect blend, like a good cocktail.

Except that once it's drunk, you have to find another. Where is she?

searchingwithin said...

I've been wondering about these labels myself lately, between MILF and cougar. What is up with all this, and who is coming up with these terms. The older woman? The men? The younger women that feel threatened by these older women?

~Best Wishes~

T said...

Heh! I love reading what these guys write. Its always a great trip into the minds of men...

Thanks Mike and Dads!

Yeah, I wonder too.. who defines these labels and why?

Great questions, TE!

TAG said...

At the end of the day they are all just words. Words without any meaning until you give them meaning.

I say forget the labels. Forget what someone else might say. Forget everything except what you want. You might just find that he wants the same thing. If so, neither of you will care about what others think.


The Exception said...

They are words and concepts that mean different things to different people. This post was purely in fun. Like T, I love reading what the guys say!