11 March, 2009

Dig If You Will A Picture...

The mind is an odd thing.  It has great flexibility and aptitude.  It can move from thought to thought, multi task, maintain a large database of material, and so many other things.  It does all of this, and more, seamlessly.  Just amazing.  We know and understand so little about the human brain. 

One of the questions I have is why, at times, it gets stuck on something?  I mean, stuck as in the notion or thought or whatever just sticks! 

I experience this every now and again in my every day life.  I am captivated by a topic or an idea and run with it.  Something captures my attention and dominates it for a certain amount of time.  But I notice this sticking most when a song is involved. 

I know I am not alone as my daughter gets stuck on this or that song.  Other people report having a song stuck in their head.  This song sticking happens to everyone.  Sometimes it is a nice song, one that isn’t a problem.  “Ooo ooo ooo child, things are going to get easier” sticks in my head every now and again.  Not too bad.  “Here comes the sun…” that one is okay too.  “Where the Streets have no Name,”  “One,” or “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” don’t annoy in the slightest. 

But there are those songs that truly stick!  The songs that run through my brain like a broken record or a CD player on continual repeat.  Like the “Doo, doo, doo, doo “ part of the Susan Vega song from the late 80’s, or The Chicken Dance  *shutter*

Yesterday a friend mentioned the song “When Doves Cry.”  Suddenly I was back in my freshman year in high school watching the pom squad practice a dance to that same song.  Suddenly I was singing the words…

And I am STILL singing the words this morning. 

The Diva used to tell me to lay my head to one side and shake it.  This would loosen the song from its stuck position in my head (similar to getting water out of one’s ear).  I have tried this; it did not work this morning!

I fell asleep listening to Prince and woke up… listening to Prince. 

Not only do I need help getting this song out of my head, I would really like to know the meaning of the song.  I mean, honestly, when you spend hours upon hours hearing a song over and over and over again, you start to wonder just what Prince had in mind when he wrote it…

Ideas?  Songs?  Help!!!



MindyMom said...

You could have worse songs stuck in your head. I suggest turing on the radio or a cd and listeing to some other tunes. That should cancel out waht's playing in your head. As for Prince's meaning; he's always been a pretty autobiographical (is that a word?) lyricist. I'd have to review this one to get an idea though.

I think it's stuck in my head now. Thanks!

cathouse teri said...

I can't help. Because now that song is stuck in my mind!