13 March, 2009

In The Spotlight - Cathouse Teri

Cathouse Teri found me. We both read a blog written by Mr Writenow. After a comment or two, Teri found her way to visit me, here… at least that is the way I remember it.

One thing I learned quickly was that I never knew what to expect when I read The Road Lester Traveled. I mean, anything could happen; no subject appears to be off limits; and the comments and statements are often thoughtful or sassy, or funny. Teri has a way of bringing a diverse group of people together and giving each the same amount of attention. She seems to value the thoughts and perspectives of each reader.

When I started reading, Teri was writing often. She doesn’t write as much anymore, but that doesn’t mean that there is a decline in the quality of her posts or the diversity of the topics. Her post on parenting is one such example. She took thoughts that have been running through my head and gave them reason and flow.

Teri talks about just about anything and everything from a discussion on love to a party she attended in Utah – and it wasn’t the Family Home Evening variety.

She writes thoughtful posts about the need and the desire for intimacy and the human touch.

Teri is confident and raised confident kids – and she has written about confidence too!

Her site isn’t without controversy – people can get all wound up or hot and bothered depending on the topic and day of the week!

It’s all about men and women, insight, her kids, and a sassy woman full of life. If you have a minute – head on over to visit the Cathouse at The Road Lester Traveled.


dadshouse said...

I LOVE CatHouse Teri. When I made my "best of dad's house comments for 2008" post, I could have listed her every time. She has so many oneliners and witty observations. I do wish she would write more on her own blog. She's very wise.

Plus, I've met her. She has magical eyes that show her loving spirit.

MindyMom said...

I would have to agree with Dads. I enjoy her comments as much if not more than her posts! It was her comments on other's blogs that brought me to hers. I had to see what else she had to say.

cathouse teri said...

Wow! What a pleasant and unexpected surprise! I'm kind of speechless! (And that ain't easy to do.)

Thanks, babe. I'm glad I found you. :)