20 March, 2009

In the Spotlight: Rejiggered Cocktails

Spring has arrived. The birds are chirping. The flowers are trying to grow. The trees are budding. My parents are arriving for spring vacation. What better way to start spring and celebrate the onslaught of warm weather and its associated fun than to spotlight a blog that is about different tastes. One might say that Rejiggered is all one needs to have a fabulous season of Happy Hours on the lawn or around the grill.Oh, and did I mention that my parents are coming? I might need a few of these to get through the next week!

Let's get this Spring Fling started with a blend of berries. I have to admit that I am a fan of berries - just one of the wonderful things I love about spring. Without further ado, let me present the Purple Orchid.

The calendar says spring but that doesn't mean that it is warm outside. I recall an April day here, about two years ago, when it snowed. For such days Rejiggered offers the November Chill. This drink will remind us that winter has passed (despite the chill outside) and that things will warm soonest (from the inside out if you drink too many of these!).

One thing I love about spring is that the sun shines more. The days are longer, which means more time to spend outside. I love the day when I can finally sleep with the window open and wake to the birds. The warmth of the spring is refreshing. I breath deeply and sigh. Acai of Relief as winter and the cold and ark are finally over. And you got it, Rejiggered has Acai of Relief waiting for us in a glass.

Shawn, the mixologist at Rejiggered, seems to know what he is doing. Using the theme of prohibition, he created the Snowbird Run Runner. I would hazard a guess that it is drinks like this that prohibitionists were trying to keep away from the general public!

And if these pictures and recipes (and my fabulous creative writing) haven't tickled your fancy enough. Shawn has received recognition for his long hours spent in the lab mixing, measuring, and testing to ensure his drinks taste just, so. This gingerbread concoction is one example of the delights that have been created. I give you, the Bronze Autumn Cocktail.

Did I mention my parents are coming today and will stay just over a week? Yeah, well, my parents are coming today and will stay for just over a week. in case I didn't mention it before. My parents are great. There will be great food, a clean house, and hours spent shopping and in the city. I have no doubt that by week's end, all of the adults will be in need of a Tortuga!! As for the picture of the Tortuga, this drink is so strong, it stands on name alone.

Happy Spring!


Mark said...

Happy spring! The drinks look yummy!

dadshouse said...

This is good stuff! Thanks for posting. I will be checking out rejiggered, for sure. Have fun (drinking) with your parents!