28 April, 2009

It Started with a 5K

It all started with a 5K – a practice 5K to be exact.  Up early Monday morning, we began the week on the run.  Hair French braided, shorts, tank tops, shades… We ran out the door to begin one of our busiest weeks of the year.  


After running her 5K (she was that kid in the shades, don’t you know.  The one who kept bugging her mom about wearing her shades over her eyes every time she ran by) the Diva proceeded to run another 1.33 miles at school and walk an addition 2 miles before arriving home to do her homework.  Just the average day in the life of my energizer bunny.  

Today is ballet.  The last normal ballet class before performance madness begins tomorrow.  We will leave the house before 8:00 throughout the rest of the week and not return home until after 9:00.  That is life for this ballet family.  I am already exhausted!

On Saturday the Diva will run the big race – her first “real” 5K.  Her first time with a bib and other runners of all ages and both sexes.  “I am just running for fun.” She tell me.  “I don’t care if I win.  But I would like to finish in the top 10 of my age group.”

After the race, it is the first of two performances.  

Sunday it is the last of the spring performances and dinner with a friend.

And Monday… Monday our life returns to normal.  

But there is a lot of time between now and Monday.  There is a lot to do and accomplish between now and then.  

I am hoping to do something fun on Monday; something to celebrate the end of a very busy and fruitful week!

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justrun said...

Woah. I am exhausted for you!
But you know I'm SO excited, too!