03 April, 2009

A Little Bit of Magic

The theater began to fill.  Slowly, children of all ages, took their seats.  Chattering and babbling, parents read the play bill aloud, children squirmed, and everyone waited for the show to begin. 

Then the lights dimmed.  The lights dimmed and the laughter began.  For an hour, the child behind me laughed; he laughed from the depth of his being.  My daughter joyfully clapped and laughed from her seat next to me, shouting out whenever possible. 

“Do you have any idea what is happening on stage?” my daughter asked. 

“No”  I had given our great seats for Sunday to friends so that my kid could attend her best friend’s birthday party.  We then had to take tickets for the Saturday evening show with seats 14 rows up and back. 

“But you are laughing?”

I was laughing.  My heart felt as light as air as I listened to the magic of the children and adults laughing.  For an hour, everyone in the room let go; everyone seemed to sit back, relax, and enjoy the antics of the silent clown on stage. 

The sound of my daughter’s laughter and delight coupled with the child behind me… magic

When people say that they don’t believe in magic, I want to ask them to consider the world in which they live.  Magic is everywhere – starting with the joy of a child’s laugh and ending with the light of the moon and the stars reminding us of the wonders we can’t see.

Magic is the color of the butterfly, the glimpse of a rainbow, the smile of a dog, the purr of a cat, and the feel of a hug. 

Magic isn’t about wizardry and witchcraft… it is about the delight and the mystery that life offers.




dadshouse said...

Wonderful post! Yes, magic is everywhere. And a child's laugh is a great place for that magic to start.

justrun said...

That was wonderful!

Mama Llama said...

How wonderfully, magically true! Thank you for that insight!

Be well, TE.